Saturday, September 15, 2012

A Gay Investigation

So I've been sitting here with this on my mind for the past hour and I can't get it off or out of my head. Which means I need to blog about it.

I happen to check my Facebook and usually I get at least 20+ notifications, messages and friend requests all together. So I just happened to go like an old photo of mine in one of the many albums I have on there. So this guy likes a picture I took about two years ago or so in a whole different album. He comments:

I bet you don't know what to do with it.

He's talking about my tongue ring. So I responded:

I know I'm a pro at licking lollipops and ice cream—dicks are not included.

So he said oh I had to investigate. What exactly are you investigating???

I replied, No I don't do that not ever not never.

Then he replies oh you must like girls then. The hell is that suppose to mean?? I'm like yes as of matter of fact I do, I'm bisexual since you're wondering. He says it's the way I said "not ever not never" that made him wonder. What??? That's the dumbest shit I ever heard!

Well I told him:

Why would I want to anyway?? Not like I'm gaining anything from it. Besides since men wanna stick every hole they see and definitely not considering it.

He responds, You might be right about some guys but not all men are the same. Well I followed up with:

You might be right, but I've yet to be proven wrong. Just like all girls ain't chicken heads there's that small group that fucks it up for us all. Same thing.

I had to throw it up in face that you really just called me a chicken head and feel no remorse of whatsoever but expect me to accept that shit??

So he told me I was right about that. Dammit I know, thanks.

But what the hell?? Because I won't suck a man's penis that automatically makes me Gay?? What kind of fucked up shit is that. I doubt I'm the only one and if I am. Dammit women, keep that filthy snake out of your mouth. You just ate 5 pussies as far as I'm concerned and that makes more of a homo than me—AND I LIKE WOMEN!! Ugh this is why I've sworn off men, fuck them all. I can't even get a decent man to approach me and talk me like I'm a human being much less a Lady. Then to think, no one in their right mind would want to reproduce with such an idiot?? Besides I'll said it once and I'll say it again, my tongue ring is meant for decorative purposes ONLY; nothing more, nothing less.

So I guess now I'm officially gay deemed by the male race since I refuse to suck anyone's penis or lack thereof....


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