Wednesday, September 5, 2012

A Facebook Rant

For the past couple weeks I've decided to say fuck love and move the hell on. Since I can't have what I want like I wanted it. There's really no point. It's like a preference in soda. You want Coke but only Pepsi's available. So you say fuck it all. Anyways theres been a cavalcade of men talking about how much I rock their socks and oh so sexy and I cute and they wanna be with me. However we'll start out as fuck buddies first. Oh really?? Oh I'm sorry. Then they say well What the fuck were you expecting??? I hope nothing more??? Oh I'm sorry. That makes a lot of sense. Anyway I don't know maybe today in the midst of PMSing and having cramps and a backache. They've been talking this dumb shit left to right. Like no I don't want to fuck you, excuse my French. No I'm not meant to be your personal sex toy. You want it free you go pay a hooker and we both know that don't come cheap. But like what the fuck, I'm a lady dammit and I will be treated as such. No I'm not going to please you or make you happy when you're not really giving me shit but a sorry ass orgasm. Motherfucker please! You've lost your rabid ass mind for sure!!

So I had to throw my rant to the place where I get the most perverted people.....Facebook.

And thus if you're not subscribed or friends with me on there, here's my rant:

You know maybe I should get this out in the open now so there's no more misunderstandings.

Just because I may say something perverted or turn something into a sexual joke doesn't mean that I'm at your sexual disposal. You sick perverts need to get your life corrected and maybe your penis chopped off so you can use the head on your shoulders.

For future reference, if you expect a sex romp between the sheets with me. I best be getting a 10-course meal and my bills paid in full. Shit don't come free around here. You want a hooker theyre easy to find on the street ok.

Now my rant is over ^_^ so yea basically fuck you and your dick.


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