Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Men Wants vs. Women Wants


Now this doesn't neccessary define every man and woman, but I've noticed mostly in America, I'll put it that way so I won't have a racial fire storm on my poor little website; this is how it goes.

But in some sense it's the truth. I also know that for me I don't want the rapper or music mogul, they don't make a lot of money lol. I rather have a Pro-Baller instead. I refuse to end up with the loser who thinks SWAG feeds the needy and is the most awesomest thing next to candy. I know I don't have a house full of kids. 

So before you get offended by this, Think about if this truly applies to you or not. If it does. You need to correct your situation as soon as possible ok!! 

Like I always say these things are strictly my opinion you can take it or leave it. That's up to you, but also keep in mind I really don't give a damn either lol.


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