Sunday, July 1, 2012


So since I have some time while I wait for the breakfast to be cooked at the most awesomenest place ever known as Eat-n-Park. I thought I rustle up something quick.

Well. So I spent the last oh 5 hours or so watching My Little Pony Friendship is Magic. Princess Celestia made a point that the ponies write to her what they learned about friendship. I thought that was a good idea to adopt. Write down something new you've learned about not only yourself but the world around you as well. Not only does it help you become a better person (or pony lol) it helps in the process of growing up to be something great.

I was talking to my mom and I mentioned to her about the crazy emails I get about all the available jobs meant for more of the "professional" crowd so to speak. You know those who've gone to college and actually graduated. I noticed once again that Wendy's is hiring and I told her. Surprisingly she told me, well maybe you should try again. I'm like and do what?? Tell them I can work whenever just to get hired. She told me yes. It took me awhile to catch on. But eventually I got it. Lying is wrong most of the time, but if one little lie will help you in some sort of way, then it can be very beneficial to you. Yes it'll forever stay on your conscience and cause you to worry. But sometimes you have to set that aside and do what's best for the moment. So I thought seriously and said well maybe I should try again. I told her another Wendy's was hiring and she said to try them too.

I read this quote once that said:

When the world says to give up; Hope says try one more time.

It's the truth! I sometimes let things get in my way and then I get blind sighted due to my being inpatient and bitter and anger. It's not the best of traits nor is it something to be proud of. But it's best if I take a break and think things clearly and thoroughly before jumping back into the pan and especially before I hit the fire. I plan on trying again to see that maybe this time with the answers I've gotten from other places of employment and do the opposite of what was costing me a interview and possible job, I might be surprised. Either way at least I tried a different approach and did my best and above all else—I tried again.

My father always told me never to be lucky. No one is ever lucky—they may have luck on their side, but never deemed lucky. He told me to always be good, stay focus and try my best. I guess with all the chaos that's happened and been happening in my life I lost sight on all of that.

However, I have big plans I wish to accomplish someday in near but far off distant future. For now, I need to worry about me and do my best. No ones perfect and I can do what I can do best. Thank goodness I'm a fast learner eh?? Lol. Maybe one day I'll get the chance to see my true potential and make something of myself.

However for now, I'll be the blogging college drop out who talks the talk and trips everytime I walk. I even can find the slightest thing to giggle about. I suck at certain things and I'm not the very best at things that other people can do. I know I'm nowhere near perfect. I'm proud of that. It helps me accept my flaws that much more and to be able to accept others flaws as well. Did I mention I'm a total Brony, too?? :D

For now, my hope isn't as bright or shiny as everyone else's. But there's a chance that one day—it definitely could be ^_^.

Oh and I hope you like the New Label as well :).

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