Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Things You Never Thought You'd See

So while I was out at the Dollar Tree this morning with my mom. I happen to be looking for a few things and found something absolutely crazy.

I'll let you be the judge lol

Going to a job interview or getting a new job?? Wanna do your own testing before you take theirs?? They got two types of tests for that lol. Not to mention the Diabetes Detector test and the Menopause test lol. How odd or crazy is this?? Threw me for a loop lol.

Not to be a total pervert. But I think they could've named this better. Circus Balls. First thing that came to my mind was a clown.....in an awkward position lol.

I swear you can find some of the damnedest things at the store no matter what, an undone particular peculiar cases...it's totally worth it! Lol

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15 Things We Should All Practice


Best Pick Up Line ;D


My Little Pony: Dainty The Pony

While I'm out here with my mom tonight. I was complaining and whining about how my wisdom teeth hurt like hell and are acting like total douchewaffles. Can't chew, swallow or nothing without it causing excruciating pain.

So I'm sitting here and I say:


Punished for what, my mother asks.


What're you talking about??? She asks.


So my mother stares at me for the longest time

Madea: you're just like Dainty.

Me: What??

Madea: You know DAINTY. Dainty the Pony, the one who's always bitching about something.

Me: Dainty??? You mean Rarity....

Madea: Well whatever her name is. You sound just like her with your complaining.


So then I had to perform a famous Rarity quote:

Yup I totally think I could be Rarity ^_^.

But then again, maybe I'll be my own pony. Named Dainty of course lol

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Rock Candy


So today while I was out at the Dollar Tree earlier today in midst of checking out. I noticed a little display on the check out counter and it was filled up with Rock Candy. It's been such a long time since I last saw and got some. Last time i got some my dad brought it from a candy store that was out at the mall. It left about 10 or so years ago. But I was so amaze and excited to see it after such a long time. However, due to previous engagements I couldn't get excited enough over it to buy some.

Anyway after my midadventures today I come home and was excited to tell my mom about it. While I'm explains to my mom about the store selling Rock Candy. She gives me this crazy look as if to say what the actual fuck!?

I'm like MOM you know what rock candy is. It comes on a stick or piece of rope or string. She's still giving me a crazy look. So she asks me well what does it look like. By far the most dumbfounding question anyone has ever asked me! I'm like it looks like Mineral Rocks you know but candy form and delicious, shit hell I don't know. So she's like well what the hell?? You can't even explain what it is!!

I had to go and google a picture to show it to her. Nothing no recognition of whatsoever. She's like only rock candy I remember was white or a clear color and it came in a plastic lunch baggy. I'm like what the hell mom!? Daddy used to always buy it for me. So she says, I don't remember none of that shit.

I swear to you guys that was by far the daunting conversation I ever had with my mom. Probably not the last one either lol.

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Monday, July 30, 2012

Love. Peace. Joy. Dove.

I saw this awesome shirt on Facebook a few weeks ago. I thought it was just absolutely adorable the way it's made, but the Dove was even better. I love how the incorporated the words with the wings and feathers.

This shirt is actually sold at Forever 21 for $14 which isn't bad. I would buy it and wear it with a cute pair of jeans. This would be even cute for a casual friendly type of Christmas Party :).

If you're interested in purchasing this awesome shirt click here!

Thou Shall Not Judge


Sailor Moon 2013

So I know I'm hella late writing this but it's the principle that counts. You know, better late than never lol.

Anyway back on July 5-6 there was this awesomeness taking place. Of course I had no clue what was going on as usual. While I was on tumblr, doing the favoriting and reblogging thing, I notice an over-abundance of Sailor Moon posts. More than usual. I took time out to see what the hell was going on. OMG I have never been this excited in my life EVER!! WHAT?! Sailor Moon is making a comeback next summer (2013) all new anime too!! I always was faithful that it would happen someday and by golly didn't it come! I mean like 20 years later but THAT'S OK DAMMIT! LOL

Anyway, so I'm hearing a lot of people or Moonies (and myself including) are hoping that this anime is geared toward more of how the Manga was precised and maybe a few more things. Either way I think it will turn out great, just as long as they don't pull a Fruits Basket and do like 12 episodes and leave all of the damn story out. Like what was up with that?? Couldn't read the Manga because of that. Anyways. That's what everyone's expecting. It's also said that it will be shown simultaneously around the world and Momoiro Clover Z will be performing the new theme song. It's unknown if they will sing Moonlight Densetsu or another song all together. I think either would be great. To be honest, they should do a new theme song and leave Moonlight Densetsu as the ending theme.

However, it's still not sure if the original Seiyuu (Voice Actors) will return to reprise their roles. Even though I think it would nice as well if they did so. Now if they do decide to put it in English duh here in America, please give Usagi a better voice actor and not someone's grandma, and a better script too! Let's name her Bunny instead, I like Serena, but let's do it the Manga way :D.

I think this will be epic and awesome and one anime everyone won't forget. Think about all the digital art and the bright colors and CGI influence at how awesome this will turn out literally. Not to mention how much attention it will get not by Old (Faithful) Moonies but New Moonies. Even my mom knows that's all I would talk about when I was a kid. Because it was odd to see such a strong female lead in any show whether it was animated or real life. It was a good positive show and to me it meant a lot to not only see Sailor Moon grow up and mature through out the story, but to see ourselves do the same with her. Another good thing about this is that censorship won't be as strict and strong (and down right wrong if you ask me) like it was back it 90s. Like wow I didn't cleavage was so wrong or ripped clothes in a serious battle was offensive. I think the censorship took away from the story and the corny child proof script made it even worse. If you haven't seen it strictly English subs, you're missing a lot!! But even if you did, that's ok too, because this gonna be a good summer next year.

For more thorough details on the upcoming anime check out the links below:

End of the World 2012?? No I don't think so! In the Name Of The MOON, I'm fin to watch me some Sailor Moon 2013 :D.

Mother-In-Laws & Husbands


Found An Awesome Song

 Alexis Jordan - Happiness .mp3
Found at bee mp3 search engine

So Hit the play button up there. I'll give you a few seconds :).

Ok good, you can listen to it while I talk or write or whatever lol. I heard this song on TV this morning while I was searching for different things on google. I heard bits and pieces of it and when I finally took the ear buds out of my ears, I actually like the bridge a lot lol. It was cute and when I took the time to look at the video, even though it seemed corny it was cute in a way. So you know what I did, I hopped on SoundHound because I didn't want to miss the name of the song and artist. Unfortunately iTunes only had remixes of the song and not the song itself and I'm like what the frenchtoast is this crap?? So I went and googled and found it on Bee and I'm happy I got the actual song and not a remixed version.

What do you think of this song?? I really like it a lot :)

Just Do It With Love

While I was at Get Go last night I was in the midst of checking out. I happen to pick up the song playing in the store. Not only did I know the lyrics like a Boss Lady, I couldn't remember a thing about the song. I remember hearing it before and there's no way I would know the lyrics without really knowing the song. So as soon as I could get out of the store, I headed to the car so I could google this song. When I finally found it, I had to go download it.

Now for some odd reason, while I was listening to the saddest song the other day this song actually made me happy. Maybe it's because of this part:

Tell me I'm wrong.
That I'm coming on way too strong.
Don't think I'll be crushed.
Just do it with love, love, love.
Just do it with love.

You must admit this a good song for someone who's loving someone who's not loving them back. Or maybe it's just me lol.

A Fool-Proof Turn On


A Good Relationship


31 Day Nail Challenge Update

So because I've been so preoccupied with everything life's been throwing, I lost count on the days of July and realized August is coming this Wednesday. Like what the fork!?

Anyway, I though I'd get on the band wagon and do my nails. But then I thought should I go to the nail shop have them do them an then all I have to do is fill them on my own?? Hmmm. Decisions, Decisions. Plus the other reason I considered this, was because I made some money doing an odd job the other day. However I also want to save that money and make it worth the while or something else, you know?? So for now I'm undecided on that.

Other than that, I do have ideas of what designs I plan on doing and I'm really, really excited about it. I can't wait until the gradient day =D got something special for you gals and dolls lol. I am still going to video tape the process of each nail design or a least try too. So like always bear with me ^_^.

I don't think you all will be disappointed though.

I will say this. Since I'm in the process of job searching an interviewing. If I happen to miss a day or I'm not able to have the time to color my nails. I'll still post it so that you get to see what's going on and won't be left out. They're so particular nowadays about polished nails. Like geez not everybody looks good with nude nails, and maybe we like Haute Couture Nails in stead!

So that's all I wanted to say about that. I didn't want you gals to think I forgot about it or it slipped my mind to keep you updated :).

Starting August 1st look out for the 31 days of Nails challenge to take place!! I hope you like them ^_^!!

By the way, we're definitely seeing this project through the end even if it takes me the rest of the year lol XD.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

The Best Hug Ever ;D


True Blue


I'm Still In Love With You

You know it's disgusting when you've met someone. You know they're the one indefinitely. No one can compare to that individual in any way or form. The fact that they're taken or interested in someone else or sees you just as friend. It's fucked up. I mean that.

Like what the hell. The worst part about the whole thing is the fact of how much you truly love them. Like really, really love them. You'd lay your life on the line for them. Regardless of the rift between the both of you and knowing you can never really actually be together like one (or both) of you hope. I personally think it hurts even more when you can't get over that person. You still in love with them. There's nothing you can do about it. It's like once you make up your mind, if its not work or seems problematic you can always come to a happy medium or a new solution. But once your heart's mind is made up its damn near impossible to change.

To be honest. I'm tired of this. I'm tired of being in love with someone who doesn't and probably won't love me back. I can't even move on to someone else or even consider trying. I want him and only him. No other individual compares to him nor will ever be him. What's really messed up even if I did try and found someone else, I know in my heart I won't be happy. No matter the situation, I just know I wouldn't. I don't think that's fair not is it right to do. Taking advantage of someone's feelings is one thing. But what I don't understand is why you hold so much resentment towards me. What exactly did I do or say for you act so pissed off?? He acts like I never existed, like he should've never met me. That what hurts the most, you acting like I don't exist and being horridly mean to me. Makes me want to cry—literally.

I dunno what else to do. Don't know what to really say. I wish now, that we hadn't met and I didn't fall in love with him. I also wish that maybe this aching feeling that shrouds my heart will go away.

I guess at some point in my life I will, and then again I've said this before and it didn't hold true. Hopefully I hope I can get myself together and wish that someone will come along and fill the deep void he's put into my heart.

I love you. You don't know how to love me. I don't know, I know why....I love you, baby.

Taurascope 7/29

I was just complaining about this a few days ago lol. I'm really really trying, but no one seems to want to work with me. However I'll still try. I know it's not meant to be easy and neither should it be so hard either. But that's how life work, isn't it??

Tune into your dreams today, Taurus. Do you often feel intensely jealous thinking the people around you are living amazing lives while you're stuck in a dull, boring routine? The only person who can pull you out of this rut is you, so stop complaining and do it. Change is easier than it seems at first. Let your imagination take control and work toward manifesting your most fanciful goals.

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Never Good Enough...


Always. But if you are more than enough and good enough and worth so much more than explain why that person you love to death and would put your life on the line for, is with someone else who's obliviously and apparently not good for them at all....happily; while you're miserable and alone??? Good or not life sucks, fuck timing, fairy tales lie, and there's not everyone for someone. Bottom line.

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So Much More


Thursday, July 26, 2012

The Interview

So I thought I would let you guys and dolls know how my interview went.

Well the day before, I had that gut feeling. I contacted Chipotle and asked for a different time slot. I picked 2pm instead, I felt more secure and contented with that decision. I took time out to find something nice to wear and NO ONE KNOWS how hard and frustrating that was. Not only did I not find clothes in my size, but all the dressy appropriate tops sleeve was only big enough to fit around my wrist!!! Now how many fat or overweight people do you who has skinny arms, legs and just basically skinny everything but their fat ass waist, hips and beer/pregnant bellies?? Not too many. When I finally found a few things, which wasn't much. I had to settle and decided that tomorrow I would go out and buy some shoes. So went to bed as early as I could woke up and went over to the store. I had placed an order on amazon for some shoes and more appropriate tops. But the UPS guy decided to come at 9am and bang on the door like a cop. I'm like what the hell, so thinking I could pick up after I stop at the store, I called up UPS. They told me I would have to come over to the north side after 7pm to get it. No, no, no. That's not gonna work! I need this for now. So the UPS guy kept playing games and giving me bogus times. Until we all finally agreed on 11ish AM. Cool! Problem, you know there is one lol, I had to go and find him in my neighborhood on the main street. I'm pretty sure I walked a good half a mile before I finally found him. He gonna say he'll be in the 500 and 700 block. No he was in the 900 block OF COURSE!! So got that stuff. Was finally contented.

So then I decided to stop at the hair store to get something since my hair wasn't straighten or perfected and the hair bun I had was falling apart like it's the end of the world. After that, went and got Madea her lunch for the day. Ran back home damn near to get ready. Found out then, it wasn't going to be a good day. Not only was it hot as hell! I was sweating bullets! Only one top fit and I personally didn't like the black pants, orange creamsicle top. I felt like Halloween gone terribly wrong. Then I rush to get ready and I wanted to leave around 12pm to have enough time to walk, possibly print my resume and whatever else just in case. No such luck! I didn't leave the house until 1pm. I rushed to the bus way looking for a parking spot and found one that was so far away it wasn't even funny. But I couldn't get our little fat van in there. Too tight of a space. So I went to another bus way and thank goodness they had a spot that wasn't tight and I could get into. However I didn't like the deserted-ness of this particular bus way either. However I rushed to get to the stop and hop on the bus when it finally came at 1:239pm. Google Maps told me that I would be there at the hotel by 1:50. That's good I thought. gives me time and we were suppose to be there 5 minutes early anyway. I didn't get down town until 2pm and after rushing, I was happy knowing I wasn't the only one late or dressed the way I was dressed. Some other other people there could have looked a little bit better. However the only thing I was unhappy about was that I couldn't print out my resume before hand. I'm glad the whole experience wasn't based or biased to that one mishap.

So let the interviewing begin. Or so I thought. The one interviewer had such a nasty disposition that she pissed you off immediately. The others were nice and very friendly. I will I was surprised at the fact it was group interview and not done individually. I'm also not a fan of group things in the first place either. I will it did take the pressure off of the uncomfortable hard to answer questions they throw at you. However there was one kid in the group who always wants to outshine everybody else. UGH! We had one, he was a college graduate and majored in Entrepreneurship. He was nice, but I think he took it a bit too far. Timing or not, there's always going to be an ass-kissing douchewaffle like him. It was fine and I liked the interviewer and the atmosphere of the whole thing. It was short and sweet. I couldn't tell if I bombed or not. The other two guys were experienced with food, while me, myself wasn't. Even though the interviewer said he wasn't experienced when he started working there, didn't mean I would get the same consideration. So he suggested that I go and eat there and there was a restaurant downtown. After the interview, which I felt I did pretty good at, I went to Chipotle to grab a bite to eat. Surprisingly the food was good, or the burrito bowl that I had was pretty good. I bit too spicy for my taste, but good either way. I couldn't finish it all because I had gotten filled up buy what I ate and all the soda I had. I sat there for a bit contented and happy because I got a chance. Whether it blossomed into something or not. I still got a chance and was happy and contented with that. Plus I felt it was even better because I got considered for two places instead of just one.

While I walked around downtown, I decided after awhile I was ready to come home. By this time my feet were beginning to hurt. I was hot and exhausted. So it had said that it was suppose to thunder storm that day and by time 4pm rolled around, there wasn't any sight or sign of one. While I'm on the bus I started noticing the sky getting darker and darker. The worse part, didn't have the umbrella left it in the car. So when I finally reached my destination, it was raining zoo animals and I got soaking wet. I ran into the grocery store to look for an umbrella because I knew I couldn't make it around the corner and up the street to that bus way to get back home. Got an umbrella and went trotting around the corner. So when I asked Google what time the bus was coming so that I could get home. It told me to catch any bus it would take me to where I needed to be. I hopped on the bus. Unfortunately not only was it the wrong bus and I got off in a bad location. I had to walk back to the bus way to get the correct bus. Because walking to where I parked isn't bad, but when your feet are hurting like hell and you've got a blister forming. Walking is the last thing on your mind. So I walked back and got on the correct bus. I'm pretty sure I spent $10 total just for 4 short bus rides with more walking than should be allowed. When I made it to the car, I was so overjoyed with happiness that it also got ruined before I could really enjoy it. I cracked the windows because it was so hot and didn't want to come back to a blazing hot car. Well I didn't. I came back to a soggy, soaking wet car.

I made it home finally and was so happy I didn't know what to do. Grab a bite to eat and said eff it. Unfortunately the blister that I got from the new shoes that was causing more pain than a little bit on my poor heel had to go! Glad I took care of it when I did, and not let it turn into something serious.

All I can say is that I hope that the next time I have an interview I don't have to worry about a whole buncha crap like I did today.

Next Interview, please be good to me!


Cat reminds me of what my grandma be doing lol XD

Things To Do: Fall In Love


A True Happy Feeling


Tuesday, July 24, 2012

A Leaky Boat

You know, some things happen for a reason and others happen strictly out of coincidence and just the aftermath of the regular flow of things.

For the past 6-7 months, you guys know I've been job searching my butt off. Working hard at this job to find a JOB. And unfortunately I wasn't have any luck or none at all. I was doing everything right. I googled and searched, update my resume many, many times. I researched and made sure I was prepared for what happened next. Or so I thought. However the more I tried or worked hard at find a job. The more No's I got and got the door slammed in my face so much I'm pretty sure I lost my nose at some point. I got tired of hearing people tell me try and keep going when day after day after DAY—all I got was No and without a pliable reason or a I dunno. So I became disgusted and gave up.

From time to time I would look to see who was hiring. The only jobs that looked reasonable, required things I did not have. Like a college degree, experience, reference (personal or professional) and for some actual job employment. A few places told me the jobs I had while I was in college an high school can be considered as work studies or volunteer work. Because I let these petty things get to me, I started losing focus and hope on the things that mattered the most with me. I even came close to saying I wasn't going to write anything any more whether it was for here or some place else. I was going to give up on being a Mom someday since I couldn't afford to do so and men, ugh that's another story and a problematic issue of mine. I was hurt to think and to even know, I tried my best and it wasn't good enough and so what oh well now you have to suffer. It made me regret everything I did in the past, question how I could have improved it. It made me wonder of my future would be dim, cold, dark and full of negative emotions. But what else could it be?? Especially since my Present, My Today was falling apart faster than I could fix and repair it. I was losing hope. No one could seem to give me a good answer or explain to me why all those horrible things were happening to me.

Last week I got this postcard in the mail from the University of Pitt telling me I come there and finish my degree. Yes, yes very sketchy. Let's not forget the two times I tried to go there and they told me no or to try another Pitt Campus (which are all in a 2hrs away radius). Yea wasn't going to happen. However I called and asked questions. Not only did I get a complete idiot on the phone he could barely answer my questions. Then I did get pissed off that he could get a job and I can't?? What the hell type of mess is that?! Anyway bottom line he told me it was going to cost $18,000. That's what I needed to start in the Fall. That's hard to come by if you can't get financial aid like me. So I talked to someone in financial aid and she told me I couldn't attend there because I didn't have the money. Since I defaulted on my loans, I would never be able to get aid even if I could and tried my damnedest. So another loss cause. I then decided well if I can't go to school there for free....why not work for it, literally?? I found a few jobs that were within my skills and experience. I decided to apply to one of such said jobs yesterday. After I had applied, I decided to call because I was concerned about the references part. The man told me that because I didn't have references I wouldn't be able to work there at all. He said to use my supervisors at my last employments. I'm ok with that but I've been out of Penn State for 3 years. I don't know who works there and who would know me. The years are doubled as far as high school goes. It was ridiculous! So it wasn't my education level, experience or my personality—I can't work for you because I don't have references for you to call to see if I did what at my last job?? Fine, ok.

Well while I was filling out the application. I decided to use the resume email that's strictly meant for jobs. But because I hadn't looked at it in over two months, it was filled to the max with emails. As I began sifting through emails, I noticed one that said I got asked to come in for an interview. I replied just to see what would happen. Unfortunately I noticed another email same place saying I wasn't the candidate they were looking for. I'm like what the fork is bull?? So when I finally got to the bottom of what was going on. I knew right then and there I messed up and messed up bad.

I applied to Chipotle Mexican Grill restaurant back in between April and May. Yea right around the time of the Target fiasco. I never heard from them. So I assumed they pulled a Babies R Us and decided to ignore me. Well I saw in the ocean of emails they sent one on June 15th asking to interview me between the 23rd and/or 24th of June. The email stating I wasn't the candidate they were looking for was dated June 23rd. So I sat there wondering why if they felt I wasn't good enough would they ask me again to an interview??

I told my mom what happened. She said I was too impatient. That I need to learn to wait for anything to come. I understand that, but don't tell me I'll contact this week and I don't hear from you in over a month. That's not right nor fair. So I wondered if they would respond back to me or not and decided to take it as is. I didn't want to get my hopes up for something that wasn't going to happen.

Well today in the midst of my trying to blog and get my life together as usual lol. I decided to check my emails to see what was new, what could be deleted and what was worth reading. Low and behold there was this email saying how Happy they [Chipotle] were that I accepted to come in for an interview. They told me the available times would be from 9am to 4:30 pm on Thursday, July 26th. It stated I needed to pick 3 time slots, interviews were given every 30 minutes. Then they would confirm it and send me another email with the address of the interview. I decided to pick 11am, 11:30am and 12pm. I felt not only would I have an ample amount of time to get there but I wouldn't have to worry about traffic or rush unnecessarily. So I wrote down my time and waited for another email. About an hour later, I had a new email. The email stated I got the 11:30am time slot and I would be interviewing at a downtown hotel, come dressed professionally it included. Then it gave a background on how the duties of a crew member and benefits and all that other good stuff. I'll be honest. I was in awe. I was shocked and yet overjoyed and happy. I actually finally got a real interview, no games no run arounds, no last minute finding outs. So I began searching and researching the company and learning more about their business and opportunities. The interview process and what I could expect. What would be the appropriate dress, wages, this and that. I was happy, after all this time of waiting patiently and trying app hard my efforts are hopefully going to get rewarded.

However then I realized. An interview is no guarantee to a job. It's just an interview. If it comes to that, I'll be ok with that. I spent my yesterday finding jobs to apply to. Then one those awesome epiphanies came.

Maybe all those rejections are to prepare me for when I do get an interview or I apply for a job I won't take it so hard. I can be rational and accepts things as is and move on irregardless. I plan to do exactly that. Whether I do great or totally bomb at this interview. I'll know I was myself the entire time and did my best. I'll just keep trying and hope for the best and not the whole world. I guess it's like that one saying goes:

When the World says give up, Hope says try one more time.

It's still difficult to hear words and see little to no actions. But sometimes it's to get us in the right frame of mind and do our best and be the best. It says a lot about our character and personality. So if you're in the same situation as me don't worry ok.

We're all in the same leaky boat, just use some duct tape and paddle on ok?!

Because if your at the worst, it can only get better. So don't lose faith and hope completely. Save some for that rainy day :).

Continue to The Interview to see what happened!

That Moment When Bunny Leaves Her Wallet, Keys & Umberella


Taurascope 7/24

I liked the horoscope today. For once it didn't talk about my super fabulous love life with a harem of lovers of which I don't know of lol. I especially love that last sentence the most ^_^:

Take inventory of your habits and behaviors, Taurus. Look to certain patterns and note the ones that do and don't work for you. You'll more than likely feel an urge to break free from repetition and create new paths that allow for other opportunities to come along. You may not even be consciously aware that in many ways you're beating a dead horse. Don't continue to waste your energy on paths that go nowhere.

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Almost Bunny Road Kill

So last night I went out to get something to eat for me and Madea. I would've gone earlier if my computer wasn't on the fritz, it took me a whole day just to post two posts XO like what the fork???

Anyway I go to the store and stopped at the fast food place. So I'm on my way home. I'm trying to pass the Bus that's on the small divided 4-lane freeway. I'm afraid because the bus always swings out and the driver is so reckless. I'm trying to safely pass the bus and get away from it as far as I can. Once I finally pass the bus and was headed the right direction and lane, I was happy.

Well I see this "thing" in the road and I'm like WHAT IS THAT???

OMG you guys!! I almost ran over a BUNNY with the van!!! I was so upset and just couldn't run over one of my people I swerved around him. I was basically like fuck everybody else on the freeway. Thank goodness they were behind me. As soon as I got close and swerved out of the way. He darted back to the sidewalk.

Here I am screaming with the windows down of course:


So now I'm upset, right. I come home and I told my mom what happened.

So Madea said:

You should've ran the bunny over since he shouldn't have had his Lil Fluffy Ass out in Traffic and where the fuck was his mother?? She should've been watching him. And he's out playing in traffic.

I'm like WTH mom?? -_-

I don't want to run anything over >_<

I hate driving and I get like frantic because that's all I think about is accidentally running something or one of those damned pedestrians over—UGH WHY IS DRIVING SUCH A PAIN IN THE ASS!?!?

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Looks Are Deceiving

Chrome Pointer