Friday, June 22, 2012

Welfare, Food Stamps & Benefits—Oh My!

So those of you that know, I've been going through a rough time trying to find employment. Not only have I been shunned and told no. The public transit system is raising the price up to $4 a ride now. This issue includes the douchewaffle bill collectors for my loans biting on my ass like its a doggy chew toy wondering why I'm "not applying myself" enough.

This I decided to look to our public aid and other such said help programs. Now I applied for welfare, food stamps and health insurance a few years back. Got a letter that stated I needed to call them back as soon as possible. I did so every damn day of the week for about a month or so straight. Not only did I NEVER get someone but I got more the voice mail is full than anything! I even took the initiative to call up the higher-ups and I talked to some type of City/State Representative and told him my problems in calling them and not getting help and all this. He told me he would "handle it" and call me back. He never did. Well the results of that I get this nasty mean letter saying that since I refused to contact their office and not how up for this crazy appointment I could never receive any help from the government. Yea I tried to call and kick ass, no one answered the phone then either. So no one knows what's it like when you want to kick ass and defend yourself and no one picks up, it's quite frustrating lol.

Well I went and tried to get welfare and such again. So I was told I had to be pregnant, with kids or mentally or severely retarded or disabled to receive cash benefits. That's a little messed up. I was also told I wasn't allowed to receive health care of any kind because I am not pregnant, with kids or severely disabled or retarded to receive that. I might get food stamps—maybe. Now I asked about their employment and education services they offer. One woman told me I couldn't receive neither because I wasn't pregnant or with child, that's for employment services. As for the educational services, I needed to be 21 or under and in school already full time. Damn. I'm sorry for being 25. Another woman told me that only people who were receiving welfare or food stamps could get education or employment services. Hmm, fair enough. THUS, I get this letter about a week or so ago, or maybe at the beginning of the month since that's the postmark date. That I needed to contact their office as soon as possible because they want to know if I can receive food stamps today!! I was reluctant to call because of what happened prior. Like why tell me to call and no ones going to answer the phone or everybody's voice mail is full and then you want to tell me I didn't do what I was suppose to do?? So between 11:30am this morning to 12:30pm I called 10 times straight in a row and got no one to answer the phone and of course how the voice mail was full. I called another local office and Ms. Foreigner tells me that I called the wrong place and gives me an address and call them. I told her that's what I've been doing and I want to know why exactly no ones picking up the phone and why send a letter telling me to call when they refuse to answer the phone. She said she didn't know and to go down to the Welfare Office. I'm all fine and dandy with that, but let me tell you I WOULD BE MADDER THAN BEAR PISS if I went down to that hellhole and I still get the same treatment and those bastards tell me to come back and try again tomorrow. Oh hell no, it's too hot an even if it was a cool day—those type games are unnecessary. So I got fed up and I considered calling them back but I don't know.

My mom was trying to say that Friday was a bad day to call. I get that and understand perfectly. However you can't sit there and tell me that the welfare office is that busy and over run with people EVERYDAY OF THE WEEK. Be it Monday or Friday, you need to answer the damn phone and stop playing games. Hell hire me I'll answer that phone like a BOSS!! Then I got to thinking about how welfare mothers before they get a social worker or counselor, like way before they sign up or even consider to sign up. They can call today and by tomorrow afternoon that bitch will have free bus pass, health insurance for her and baby (or babies), food stamps galore, free child care, jobs, they can go to school for free, access to shuttle buses if they "can't" catch the public transit bus, they even get free housing and I'm not talking about an efficiency apartment—try a 3 bedroom townhouse, they get the world handed to them on a 925 Italian Tiffany silver platter and they're bitching about what they don't have or how they need more. Or how much they hating being at home and pregnant and whine and moan that their new iPhone and iPad ain't working and how I have the GOOD LIFE. Bitch please!! Let's trade dammit. Not only will your kid be happier with me and well taken care of, you'd be stuck with all my bills and no where to go fucked up life—let's see how excited you are about it then. But these skanks kill me, they say how much life sucks to be on welfare but they don't get off of it. Did you know that a woman with 2 kids and a baby's Daddy who's half-assed present gets $700 in cash benefits a month??? Hell there's even a possibility that she can receive $400 in food stamps. Don't sit there and tell me that's not twisted. But then again maybe that's how they work stuff here in Pennsylvania. but here I am, can't get a job working nowhere, Catch 22 or not, can't receive government help and yet my bills are going deeper and deeper into the debt hole.

One of my defaulted student loans went from a supposed $3,000 to $5,500+ in less than a months time frame. Hell by time June finally ends, I'll owe $6000, by the end of July it'll be $12,000 and probably $24,000 by September. Like you've got to be kidding me.

What exactly do they really expect me to do. If places like Target are bold enough to tell me I can never work there because I refuse to work 24/7 plus holidays and I may need to catch the bus to work, other places are telling me I need a degree or 3-10 years worth of experience. And my debt is making my credit score uglier and uglier. What do you really expect me to do?? However if I got pregnant all is well?? Seeing how my luck goes, I would end up knocked up and still no welfare or government help. However, does Target tell the lazy baby mamas the same thing?? Or do they get that Slack Cut that only them are entitled to??

I honestly don't get it. Our nation is fucked up.

Either case I'm plan to call the welfare people again and another place to see what happens.

I did call back about 3-4 times, I lost track along the way. Anyway still no one answered the phone. Yeah so I'm in the FUCK IT stage, right about now.


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