Friday, June 15, 2012

Street Cleaning

At the current moment, I'm pissed off. I shall tell you why.

Every other Friday on our street is street cleaning day. Where the big old truck comes and sweeps and clean up the street. You can't park on the street because you'll be in the way and you'll all receive a healthy ticket too. So theres a small street next to my house. We're sort of at the corner but there's a house next door but has that side street as an address. Ok so then there's another side street down the street.

So most people move their cars the night before or first thing in the morning. I got up at 4am this Morning due to my wisdom teeth acting like fools. So I left the house around 7:30am because I went to the grocery store and to pick up breakfast.

Anyway I come towards home and find out they're working on the side street at the bottom of our street and the street that's a block over (parallel with our street) from us. So you can't park there if the bulldozers and cement and tar/asphalt trucks are going to be working. I said to myself well I'll go up to the side street (Ewing) and park there. So there was a space between two cars but this street has a steep hill or a "grain" as people call it. So either way you're going to bump someone's car and to prevent all that nonsense I said I would park IN FRONT OF THE ALLEY.

Now we get to why I'm pissed.

The old bastard that lives there at that corner and the street directly behind us is giving me this real funky look. I'm mean he's looking at me like I parked the van on his lawn and went and stole something of his. He was cutting his "perfectly manicure hedges and shribbery" but was pissed I parked there. I'm not even going to lie I felt uncomfortable as hell. Like what did I do to you?? So I'm like whatever and started gathering the things to go home. Well he walks his old crippled ass down to the car and stands there by the passenger side giving me this look like WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU CALL YOURSELF DOING??

I open my door and I'm like yes??

He's like you can't park here. You're gonna be in the way and people won't be able to go around you and this and that.

I'm like ok. Thinking I'm a good 3 yards or so from the corner. People can make that turn. Just like they do when a douchewaffle is parked right at the corner.

Ok so then he repeated himself and added, "Well you shouldn't be parking here because the bus has to come through here."

I'm looking at him like o_O.......>_O

Then he changed the story like well the bus may not come up here no more but you can't be parking here at the corner you need to go back down the street and park there or somewhere else. Then he going to end it with, "Well that's all I'm fin to say to you and I ain't going to say nothing else, but you can't park here."


He don't own that side of the street. You don't own the corner but how dare your old ass have the audacity to tell me where can and cannot park. Like what type of shit is that?? So since he was in a fucking mood I decided to move the car because you don't know if he'll have it towed or something crazy.

I told my mom what happened just now. But like get the hell out!! It's street cleaning day. It's not something new nor is this the first Friday this has happened. They're working on just about all the streets and got them blocked off and like what do you expect people to do??

He had me heated!!


Like don't give me a story or some dumb all bullshit say what you need to say.

But fuck old people they feel they're so high and mighty and you have to cater to them. No! You need to give respect before you can get it.

Like how petty can someone be??


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