Friday, June 22, 2012

Nail Art Compilation


A few pictures I found on facebook that I thought were interesting and different. Kudos to them, because let me tell you, glitter acrylic is by far the most hardest thing to deal with :p. It spreads like a disease and you can't get it off, those that can work with it, I BOW DOWN TO YOU!!!

Anyway, I hope you like these colors, and the uniqueness and if you do decide to try it out, I WANT TO SEE PICTURES!!! Maybe I'll try to have another DIY nail art session/section again. At least this time I can say, I won't be so distracted with life and it's bullcrap lol. 

If you want to see a bigger picture of the designs just click on them, oh and if I find any more interesting pictures, I'll gladly post them for you!

Happy Nail Art-ing :D!


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