Monday, June 11, 2012

More & Less


While I was out and about the other day, I went to the dreadful Target to pick up something they ended up not having for my mother. In the midst of waiting to get checked out and walking and browsing the store, I started checking out the wall art. I found this one particular picture that I liked a lot. I thought of how awesome that would look in my room or something house of the distant future. But then I said no, because since it was the only one at the time I changed my mind. Why?? I would be devastated if someone brought their bad ass kid over and he slash my poor picture to shreds!! It was a flimsy canvas and the slightest poke or mishap would destroy in T-05 seconds!!

So in stead I took pictures of it and maybe later I'll print it out and frame it in an awesome frame one day ^_^. But what I liked the most about the picture was because it told the truth, in a blunt straight to the point kinda way and I like that.

If you want to see if it'll be available online again in the near future Click Here.

Otherwise you could probably check out the Target closest to you and see if they have it, It's pretty big so make sure to just buy that to avoid any mishaps lol.


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