Friday, June 15, 2012

A Memorialized Day

A little late, but totally worth the wait :D

So the Sunday before Memorial Day the neighbor next door decided to leave a make-shift cookout. And in addition to the cook have her a "Puff Puff Pass" Party (aka a Marijuana Session).

Now we had gone out the night before. But because it was like 1000° out, we ended up sleeping outside. Well I know I did. My mom eventually went on after I got breakfast, I stayed outside and cat napped. Even had a nice dream about Egypt. So then around 11 I went inside and pottied and my mom said she wanted to go to the store. I went out there and my neighbors having this mini pre-party. Her little girl came out and waved to me and was looking for her friend. These two Lil Mamas had the nerve to ask me where was my baby at.

The little girl up the street ask the neighbor girl next door if she could come down and play. She told her no because her little sister was coming over and mom said after they leave she could come down and they could play. So of course that wasn't the case. Anyway the little girl's dad came over with the new baby mama and baby. And a few other relatives of the neighbor (the mom) came too.

There they are barbecuing outside and getting high off the marijuana and drinking more alcohol than they serve at a bar or club. Unfortunately my mom had taken her medication and she was feeling a bit drowsy and her motor was running low. I went down the street and got her some ice cream and something cold to drink. Thank goodness this rain came through and cooled down the unbearably and unnecessary hot weather.

So for those of you not familiar with marijuana. It has a distant smell, it's odd but to me it always reminded me of a skunk or something burning. Sometimes people mix it with tobacco and it has that black and mild smell. And if you're close enough and around it or a good period of time you can get a contact high. It's not as pronounced as someone who's smoking it out right but it can make you a little dopey.

Well my mom got a contact high. Even though it was messed up on so many levels, it was the funniest thing ever! Mostly she slept but when she would wake up for a minute she would talk so crazy. Like she got upset because this leaf was on the railing on the porch, she thought someone was dumping corn flakes all over the porch. I felt bad for her cause she was so messed up and I assume it was her first contact high.

While she was working out the high, the little baby sister was messing up the party. Her mom came out an started cussing her out like she stole her money. The baby looked at her and then grabbed on the support pole for the porch awning and started pole dancing. She was shaking what her mom gave her—at her mom. The mom got pissed went back inside. But it made me think back to last year when she was about 5 months old or so and they had one of their "weekly parties." Poor baby was in there getting ALL the contact high. So they brought her outside to get some air and it was peaceful and serene. Then all of a sudden the baby just spazzed the hell out and started screaming and crying. So my mom's thinking what's wrong with her? I said to my mom you know why that baby's crying?? She said no, why is she crying?? She lost her contact high, too much fresh air XD. So my mom scolded me and said it wasn't funny, but I was being dead serious. Nothing happen to the baby and the girl was just holding her and playing with her, no wet diaper, not hungry—but she starts to spaz?? Yea she lost her contact high.

Well, after many attempts I was able to get my mom to finally go in the house. Even though she didn't want to and wanted to wait for me to come back from the store. But I insisted she go inside because I couldn't have her knocked out outside and creepers, Freddy & Jason are up in the house waiting for us. No, no, not gonna happen.

When she did get inside and I gave her something to eat, she went right back to sleep. Thank Goodness she got some fresh air and came back to reality, because I was concerns for a minute.

But like in all seriousness. How do you take someone to the hospital like they're sick. When the nurse or doctor is going to ask how they got sick in the first place. Well it was a contact high....

Oh really?? So who exactly was smoking??

The neighbors.

Like how shaky does that sound. C'mon now, like any person in the right mind would believe that wholeheartedly?? Then if they do, they're going to want to know why didn't you report them. The same reason why the police hangs out at the donut shop—it's safer.

So, how was your Memorial Day or week?? Lol


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