Monday, June 25, 2012

A Man-clusion

A Man-clusion is something like a conclusion but involves men instead lol. I'm pretty sure there is a Woman-clusion too!!

Anyway here's what I think men consider when choosing a woman. It's strictly my opinion and of you don't like it. You can't stop reading here because I'm going to continue whether you like it or not.

So I think when men chose a woman they don't necessarily take into consideration her appearance, personality, vitals (like education, career and how much she's worth), whether she's a bitch, saddity, high maintenance or shy.

Men love the challenge of getting a woman by any means possible. It's just a humanistic trait of theirs. However if they can gain more woman, the easiest way possible and be close to the top of the male food chain then all is good too!

I've been noticing lately the people who are coupled. The woman aren't very pretty but that's strictly someone's personal opinion, you understand. That's perfectly fine. However then I have to say well she's not supermodel skinny, curved like an hour glass, or pretty like Beyoncé or Megan Fox. She either looks a mess, her clothes are too little, hair's a complete mess or she has too much of it. Most of the time she's either pregnant or with a football team of kids in tote.

Then I also notice these women don't have the best attitude. They're looking at me thinking I'm about pounce on their man any minute. When in actuality I'm amazed at how much of a hot mess she looks and how her man is checking out the entourage of skinny skanks that just brushed past him.

So today I thought well maybe it's because they're the easiest women to get to. There's no fight, no pull or tug, he spits sweet nothings her way and the rest just falls in place. If you don't believe me look at the women with men, if she's not very attractive and doesn't seem to have much going for her and her clothes are a few ages too young and she's cocky, bold with an attitude badder than an alligator on a hot Savannah day. Plus you've noticed he's walking a good 20 steps ahead of her too! He's only with her because:

  1. She's easy.
  2. Her pussy must be worth it (cooties and all).
  3. She's submissive.
  4. She gives great head (oral sex).
  5. She has a pretty good job.
  6. She gives him his wants, necessities (like allowance, new clothes, a car to drive, food & shelter, etc.) and answers all his whims.
  7. She's either a future baby mama, already a baby mama, or is one of many baby mamas.
  8. He knows she's going to stay and not oppose or seek for another man.

However when he meets a woman that may be high maintenance he knows she's a total drag. I read a few articles [12 Signs Your Girl Might Be High Maintenance, Are High Maintenance Women Worth It?] that said she might be great arm candy and make you look even better. However her attitude and constant vain , it's all about me attitude pisses a man off. I plan to write a post about that in due time lol. So in that regard, he wants the pretty woman, who's got her EVERYTHING together and can be a worth while trophy but just not the issues that comes along with it.

However then there are those men who want a real relationship with the hopes of having a nice girl or a good woman. Unfortunately when that happens, then end up with the worse woman who's bossy, mean and could care less than a damn about his feelings and emotions. Because of that woman, whatever it was about her liked so much it partially goes out the door. But it also makes him bitter towards all women because he's unsure and doesn't want to have to go through that type of situation again. I mean hell, no one would.

Then there are those guys who are head over heels in love with their mother. Not that there's anything wrong with it. But it can create a problem when he tries to find someone on his own accord. Either the mother will object her completely or accept it and give her hell. Now some men you can talk to about their Mother's actions. While others will get pissed or deny it completely. Call him a Mama's Boy or an Apron Accessory. Either if he loves that mother that way, you will have problems. Then there are the guys who were raised by good women and they ultimately turned out to be good men. They know how to treat a woman and knows how to love and respect her. This is the best man to have. Not only will you be able to get along with him and his family, you can learn to be happy. He's a true gentleman, chivalry may be dead but there are still a small heard of nice guys out there lol.

Then there are the guys who just don't give a flying damn. It's all about him and no one else. Unfortunately he comes in all shapes, sizes and favors. No doubt about it. He only cares about him, his wants, his needs, and how to please and make HISself happy. Only woman he would want is one who's stupid, slow or just worthy enough to be arm candy or a trophy. Unfortunately they have many women. They have kids they refuse to care about. They run a muck and hurt more women than making any one woman happy. Whether he's a CEO for a Fortune 500 Conglomerate or a Thugloving hoodrat who refuses to get a job. They're all the same and they think women have to cater and respect them. However in my personal opinion these are the last men in the world who need to be catered to. I'm not saying a man has to be fancy or own millions and a mansion. But he can be a burger flipper with a jalopy and an one room apartment. I'm personally cool with that. You shouldn't judge a book by its cover. Unfortunately men do this with women all the time. They want the easiest, prettiest, submissive, and loving girl or woman they can find. The more the better, whether it's alongside friends or the entire MAN society period. The more women you have or have conquered, the better of a man you are. But this ensures, more unmarried women with children. Not saying all men are like this. But my personal opinion they're hypocritical creatures. Don't tell me my weight is fine and that I'm pretty enough to be married when you walk straight through me and pick up the ugly girl, the other fatter girl, or the one with the too little outfit and 3 kids in tote.

That's like saying I hate grape soda, grape juice, and grapes but you'll run a marathon for a grape jolly rancher or lollipop. Grape is grape. Just like women are women. We are all different sizes, shapes and flavors for a reason. However don't group the ones you've never took the time out to talk to, in the throw away or for the trash bin. It's even worse when you get tired of all the skinny skanks and easy whores and you want to use good women like me as a last or alternative option. Whether if it's for sex while they're all busy pregnant or on their period or your penis needs a change of sceneryit's wrong and rude.

I still have love for men, because I think they're smart and intelligent, they have a strong back bone and they're ambitious and have so much going for them. However I dislike them because all I see are the good ones taken by the bad women or those men who have no self control and are easily swayed by the slightest temptation or whore. Then the men who feel I'm useless, only good enough for a McDonald's parking lot fuck or a free webcam girl [Read: Why I Have A Problem With Men]. You refuse to date me or take me out. Say I'm too fat, not pretty enough and that I have a bad attitude. My attitude is based on how people treat me and those who have hurt me in the past. If it was just one guy or a handful, I could get over it. But it's been way too many guys. They lie about having kids, expect me to come to them, won't pick me up or take me home and feel I'm a lame because I won't do oral sex. Well excuse me I don't want to be forced into something I don't feel comfortable with. Not saying I won't ever do it, but I don't want to be a chicken head either. You wouldn't have gay sex if I asked you to, so don't ask me to put your penis in my mouth when I don't know where the hell it's been. I'm sorry but I don't want cooties.

Why I thought about all of this was because it makes no sense when guys say they like women who dress up and wear make up and have their hair and nails did. But then they bitch and moan about all of that and say how fake she is. However when I dressed up and looked cute and wore make up and got my hair and nails done to look presentable. I'm consider high maintenance. I'm not. I don't own a dog I put in a purse and I don't wax or go to the spa every other week. That shit's expensive. And to be honest, I haven't had my nails done in over a year maybe 2 years. But like I said I'll get to that later. But I never got noticed, and if I did it was a dry ass OH THE CUTE BIG GIRLS ARE OUT. Like what the fuck does that mean?? Are big girls not allowed outside??? But when I look a hot mess, people want to tell me how I need to look better and dress up a little bit more. Why?? And for who?? I'm not going to and I'm not trying to impress nobody. If he can't accept that some days I'll look a mess and won't have combed hair and my clothes will be a little bit dirty. Then he needs to correct some of his issues. Don't tell me what to accept when you're walking around here with streaked drawers and smelly feet!!

I really have gotten to the point where I don't care. It's nice to hear you look nice. But don't have me dress up and you're gonna give that half ass you look ok or you look AIGHT bull. It's not about confidence or how you look. It's about what's easier to deal with. Trust me women, if you plan to make the man work hard for the goodies, you can forget it! There's one skank, if not more, willing to give it up for half price or for free.

My mom tells me I worry too much and there's some nice guy out there whining about where the nice girls are. For me the friendzoned guys aren't who I want. They're those guys that talk to me like I'm going to be a slut anyway whether I like it or not. But I refuse to believe that. They all seem to have some problem with me being who I am. Whether I can't cook, not skinny enough, I don't have good head game, I talk back or refuse to be submissive, or I won't be like the other chicks. They drop me as soon as they get their information and if it's not what they want they move on to the next girl. However tp me, I see that man and many other men like him being a coward. Because he gave up so easily and wants a rock or pebble instead of a diamond or pearl. Then again that's strictly his prerogative.

I find it to be so sad that men cut themselves so short like that. Yea women has a lot of bad points and aren't perfect like Beyoncé and other Hollywood skanks make believe. But you have to learn to accept that. None of the guys I hooked up with worked nice jobs, a good majority didn't have a job. Some had kids and exes that needed to be choked but I didn't judge because I didn't want him doing that to me. However they did, they used me and mistreated me and even made fun of me. They didn't really care and on the same token no one told them they had to. It's just unfortunate that they messed it up for whoever may come along and be worth it for and to me.

Men are complex creatures and leaves a lot to be desired. They can't seem to pin point what they want exactly or say what they need either. So they do things sporadically and spontaneously then when the shit hits the fan, they fix it to the best of their ability and move on to the next. They're human, and you can't really get mad at that. I just wish women would get themselves together and know exactly what they want, then maybe that might make the men a little bit more worth it and have a better outlook as well as personality and the whole 9!! You know, Improvement.

Men are important. But men, don't say that women mistreat you, speak up and say what you need to say. Don't say you've been friend zoned when you've already friend zoned that one girl if not many girls. No she's not at the bar or the local sports events, she's rarely at the library like the gurus say. Mostly she's at home bored and wondering when she'll get to have some fun. She's at the hobby shop picking up supplies for her favorite hobbies. No she's doesn't love salads and probably hates exercising due to the aggressive girls back in gym class days. She's a little chubby but tries hard to loose weight. She may not be everything you want, but she could be everything you need. If you tell her she's pretty and you love her the way she is sincerely. Accept she may not be a great cook, or may not know the latest dance move or have the Dolce & Gabbana and Louis Vuitton clothes. She can be the greatest thing you've ever experienced in your life. So before you turn your nose up at the girl you see alone and not looking spectacularly perfect and before you divert your attention to the attention seeking whore or drama queen.…give that girl a chance. Go introduce yourself and don't talk about sex, at least not yet. Ask her how her day is and get to know her. Have a conversation with her, you don't a pair of balls for nothing right?? Then get your ass over there and talk to her, ask to be her Facebook or twitter friend or if your bold enough give her your number. She may not call you at first but give her a reason to. Don't stand her up on a date and don't make promises you can't keep. The Family Restaurant and Ice Cream Parlor is just find, anybody can go to McDonald's or Burger King ok, save those for the future date nights. Show her you're interested and be nice and not so aggressive. When she finally opens up to you and comes out of her shell you'll be quite pleased, I guarantee you!!

Oh and by the way, leave the stupid hoe alone. If a woman has to chase you and do everything possible to get your attention, she's not worth it. But if you're content with broken condoms, future kids and a STD or STI—you knock yourself out.


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