Saturday, June 16, 2012


So, from time to time I do go and pop in on twitter because I miss tweeting people and seeing what new hashtags and trending topics are roaming about. Last night they actually a good one, which is rare from time to time. I decided to tweet it and I thought that everyone should know including you lovelys who follow me on here.

The tag was same as the title of this post and you had to give a reason why. Many people gave crazy answers and silly ones. Well then you be the judge of mine ^_^:

#ImSingleBeacuse I'm worth it, independent, live off of oxygen, love myself, I'mma grown ass woman, I know exactly what I want, I won't put up with the bullshit, and I actually want a future that doesn't involve broken promises or croncreted lies, and finally I had my heart broken twice—there won't be a third time ;)

So give me some reasons why you're single?? Or maybe consider all the reasons why you're single and compare it to a not so great relationships and one of those window perfect relationships (you know the ones where they brag at how perfect and great their relationship is and you know and they and everybody else know it's not lol).

What I posted maybe more than just 140 characters, but I still let it be known what the real deal was. I'm proud of that :), makes me happy and lets me know I'm growing up a little bit-by-bit of course haha.


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