Friday, June 15, 2012

How Pin-Up Posters Were Made

While I was on facebook the other night I found this awesome picture of a pin-up girl (the one to the left of this text). I thought it was interesting that he used a real life model to not only replicate a beautiful artwork, but to gain inspiration and to do a pretty good mirrored replica. Unfortunately due to technical difficulties which I'll explain in another post, I lost the original facebook link, but if and when I find it I'll definitely update it. So I decided to check the source link that was mentioned in the description. It didn't give much information on what was going on, but boy did it have plenty of pictures!! I mean there are at least 20 more photos. They all are so unique and beautiful in their own way! I always was fascinated with the Pin-Up girls and how the artist could get it so true to life and make it so lifelike way back when, where Photoshop and all those other computer enhance photo editting programs and such. Even though he used the same model (or at least that what it seems like to me) he did change the pin-up twin and made her look different and more interesting. Plus I love the background and even the extra props he threw it to make it more realistic and true. That's the funny thing I learned while I had art in college. That even though you know what it looks like you have to recreate it so that other people who aren't artistically incline will be able to reconize it and figure out what it is without trying so hard to figure it out. I think he, being Gil Elvgren, mastered that just perfectly!

If you would love to see the other Pin-Up girls click here!

If you want to see the original article that was written on Elvgren and his Pin-Up girls click here!


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