Thursday, June 21, 2012

Eye Makeup & Eyebrow Tutorial


So I found this tutorial on facebook, but it also gave information how which eyebrow suit you and your face shape. I know from personal experience that I always had a problem with getting my eyebrows just right. Due to years from over plucking and such, one's different from the other lol. My eyebrows already have sort of an arch or "hump" but it's not perfect and sometimes I just go with a nice non clown looking half circle type arch lol. It can be difficult and for the last couple years I went to the local nail salon(s) and got them done that way, because if you don't measure correct you can and will have a messed up eyebrow!! You don't know how many times I cut mine too close or plucked too much and had to fill it in and thank goodness I knew how to do that just in case hahaha!! I never really used an eye brow pencil either, I used a china marker lol. Not only did it stay and not melt or rub away, it looked better and lasted longer. Imaging missing half of your eyebrow and the eye brow pencil starts to fade away from sweat or you scratch or wipe up there and it disappears—talk about embarrassing!!

Anyway! Don't feel bad if you suck at doing eyebrows, we all do and never shave them either. It may disappear but then that shadow comes out of nowhere it looks tacky. Those of you that decides to draw them, do it nicely or ask for help ok, because the clown and super villian eyebrows are scary!

Go check out the website and maybe next time you're due for a eyebrow fix up you can tell the person doing them exactly what you want. And don't be afraid to try a new design, sometimes what they say look great on us--doesn't. So try it, and always remember it'll grow back eventually and don't get upset, these things happen right?? :D


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