Sunday, June 10, 2012


For you fellow Sailor Moon fans & loves, One of my favorite Tumblr Loves is having a contest if you like to participate [and you have a tumblr and if not it's free, fun and easy to sign up] or want more information, please check out the information below—Enjoy!!


Fellow moonies, this is something I’ve thought deeply about. Since my attempt on the famous Sailor Moon pose, I feel we should ALL do this in honor of the 20th anniversary of this awesome fandom. I wanted to get as many as I can get before I start editing and collaging them in late-August. So, this will be ongoing until as late as the week of August 26th. 

Reason being that I want to post this in mid-late September as a dedication to the one and only Naoko Takeuchi.  
Since this might become a giant comp for me, there are some requirements:
  • Picture must be either a JPEG or PNG
  • Resolution should be at 72 ppi minimum
  • If you use a camera from your phone, resolution must be no smaller than 640x480.
  • Pixelated entries will NOT be accepted. (This is due to the possibility of a large collage file).
  • You can send your picture to my email (to obtain my email, please send a “” to my inbox here. [Privacy reasons]).
  • Do not color edit your photo before sending. 
  • No more than one entry is allowed to be used in the collage.
  • Entries should be sent prior or on August 26th by 11:59 p.m. Late entries will not be accepted.
  • MUST be the original “oshiokiyo” pose. Any other poses will not be accepted.
Other than that, have fun! Oh, and if any other graphic designers want to help edit these photos, feel free to volunteer. (Inbox me if you wish to do so.)
Don’t forget, I have school this summer and will be getting a job in the near future, so I extended this for the whole summer and part of the fall. If I have to extend the project, I will notify in a later update announcement.
That’s about it! So, if any of you moonies want to do this, DON’T HESITATE!! 
—Ash (aka Aqua)

For those of you unfamilar with the Oshiokiyo here's a video:


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