Thursday, June 14, 2012

Crocheted Baby Flip Flops


So I came across this awesome cute picture on Facebook and had a cuteness overdose immediately!!. Thus wanting to know where I could find a pattern I went and googled. After about ten thousand re-directs and click here's I finally found the woman who made these absolutely adorable flip flops. Only downside......the pattern costs $5.

I'm all for making a buck but something like this that isn't that serious and probably isn't the ever first knitted or crocheted baby flip flop is a little if you made a cozy for every bottle, cup and THING in the world, then I understand.

But did she ever consider doing a donation instead?? There maybe someone (like me) who may not have a bank account or may not be able to afford it. So then I had to wonder, is that just for one pattern or for both of them or many even?? Knowing how this person may work (no offense personally) they're giving just one pattern and expect you to pay $5 if not more for the other patterns. I've noticed a lot of the people who call themselves crochet and knitting experts want to charge a lot of money for things like this. However the so called free patterns are scarves and things. Everybody can make a scarf, it's like a never ending story until you decide to ended it.

I dunno, maybe it's me. I understand that you have to make a living but you also have to be considerate of everyone's situation and not just your own. Shame that some people forget about things like that. Oh well either way it's still cute and for now we all shall just admire the cuteness and hope one day someone else makes something just as awesome lol.


  1. I TOTALLY AGREE with you!!! It makes me so disgusted when some people offer a pattern for FREE then decide to charge for it. In my opinion they are indian givers! When I give something for free I wouldn't take it back to make a buck or two. Another example, lets say I dropped several items off at the thrift store but then I decided oh I can make money off of it on ebay and then take it back? And believe me I donated alot of expensive things to the goodwill (Rose doll from titanic brand new) and other treasures. I say if you put it on the net as for free it should stay that way!

    1. Thank you do much for commenting!! :D

      But yes I agree. When I found it on Facebook by chance and went and googled it. She had it plastered all over the Internet that you could get the pattern for free and all. I go to her website and she's charging for it but does say if you're getting all the pattern or not. I think that's a little much. Maybe if I figure it out or find someone to help I'll let everyone know :)


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