Saturday, June 16, 2012

College 1-O-What?!

So a few months ago I thought I would throw out my few cents on everything I know about college. Unfortunately I realized that I couldn't fit EVERYTHING I knew into one post, just wasn't possible. It would be long, drawn out—hell even I would get bored ok!

This in the midst of googling I happen to fall upon a website that gave good information on how to write a self help book and I give more insight on that here.

Anyway I thought, 'HEY I CAN DO THAT!'

Unfortunately not only idiot hard to get published and takes time and money and such (that one like myself doesn't have) it would difficult. DO-able, but very difficult. Don't get me started on the major expense of self-publication. Another rip-off. So another person mentioned an eBook. However even then, you have to promote it and do this and that. Yeah, I tried selling stuff before and I made nothing but I did get a lot of frustrations and headaches to top it off.

Thus, I decided I would post it on here. Regardless if it's ok to mention or not. This is important information that everyone needs to know! Not when the shit has already hit the fan and your life is a complete mess. What it is I'm going to do is post it on here. I thought about doing volumes but I'm not so sure now. I still have to think it through. What I will do is make a menu up there in the menu bar so everyone can have easy access to it. Plus it will also be tagged and I'm still working on that as well.

Anyway it's going to be 4 "self help" books/main topics. All will have subcategories and other topics within them because I wanted it to be thorough but also informative and educative. Because some of these so called self help or DIY stuff is crazy. Like really must I pay $30 for 80 chapters all on how to push the on button on a computer or iPod???

So I'll try to keep them as short as possible and straight to the point. I will and promise to tell you all the things colleges, high school and everyone else refuse to say and/or talk about. I basically give you a simple easy formula on how to succeed in Hugh education without really trying or spending ALL your money and gaining what you need to be a successful adult. I know you would say well Bunny if you have all this great information—SELL, SELL, SELL!! Well I would and we all know I need the money. However I don't want some publishing company charging everyone $20-50 if not more. That becomes unaffordable and you won't get access to the information. However if I put it online for free and once something enters the Internet web it can't be erased so easily. It'll always be there and trust me if anyone decides to delete this or anything, I've got a back up just in case =D. Always think 20 steps ahead just in case ^_^.

So, if you're interested in how to lead a productive life as a college and willing to take time out to listen to a college drop out (Me :D) then I think everything will be just fine.

Now I will let you guys and dollies out there know when I'll be posting everything. And don't think because you've already started college, been there for awhile or graduated or dropped out that this won't help you—just like this blog is for everybody, so will all this information.

Be on the look out for all of that!!


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