Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The Adidas Shackle Sneakers


I find these to be just exactly what they are....SHOES. What I find reminiscent of slavery is the lack of parental involvement, children without knowing who their fathers are, inadequate education, no hope, no prayers, the inability of not being able to go to college and those that can go to college either have to drop out due to not having any money or the financial aid or support needed, and the fact that jobs are becoming less & less open to people of color..baby mamas and baby daddies and ignorant and illiterate people are all grouped into the "black" race. I even get thrown in the mix, regardless of my French Name, and my white father and the fact I may have a different speech from the Hood Chicks from the neighborhood that doesn't matter because I'll always be grouped in with everyone.

So instead of worrying about why these shoes are so disturbing, lets focus on the more important issues at hand ok??

Geez it's shoes, get over it!


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