Saturday, June 16, 2012

25DOB | Finally!

It was a long hard, difficult and crazy battle but finally—I AM DONE!!

It's better late than never I always say hahahaha!

It was an emotional road and I'll say that I wasn't fully prepared for it. And I probably shouldn't had started it to begin with. I'm an unbalanced, Tsundere Taurus; I don't always plan things out like I should and I mess it up first before I check it twice.

I'm happy that I completed something and saw it through to the end no matter how hard and difficult it was. It shows improvement and also I don't like broken promises. Besides it feels pretty good when you accomplish something lol.

Through all the headaches, crying and unhappiness, I think this turned out to be pretty good and worth the while.

Hey maybe you'll find something you like and can learn or grow from it. Or say OMG there's someone like me out there!! SWEET!


I hope that you enjoy the end of the 100 Days, Weeks, Months and Years of Bunny and keep on coming back for more and more because I still got a bunch of junk to write about and share with everybody.

So by all means and after a long awaited time, please enjoy the 25 Days Of Bunny:

25 Days Of Bunny | OVAs


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