Thursday, May 31, 2012

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So a few weeks or so ago, I usually check out what kind of blog posts I've started and if they can be finished. Because sometimes I lose my train of thought or forget what point I was trying to make and it happens to everyone. Call it a miniature writers block.

I had began writing this post on about going to college and how a lot of people aren't sure what to do and once the shit hits the fan you're truly lost. Can't figure out and no matter how hard you try, it's just not possible. Faith and Hope are great gals but they only come when you don't need them around, you know what I'm saying?? Anyway I started it. However I felt for one post it was too much information to be crammed in there like that. It makes it frustrating and looks plain horrible. So I put it aside for a rainy day.

Well I had one of those rainy days, and I'm thinking well lets make this a series of things. I thought it would be useful for those of us who are looking to go to college, planning on going, those already there and those who either dropped out or graduated and don't know if you should take a left or a right. Because there's a lot of things pertaining to college that no one takes about and it's kept a secret. It shouldn't because it's vital information. So I feel everyone needs to know this. It's important and it makes for a better outcome.

So somewhere along the lines of my job searching fiasco, I saw where someone said to write a self help book. I'm not much into self help anything, because everybody's situation is different and no two scenarios are alike. If it is, history must've accidentally repeated it self. Because the only repeats allowed are fashion lol. Then I thought maybe this could work! Maybe I could write a self help book or something on....something. Right?? Well then I had to think of what topics I knew inside and out. Other than anime, arts and other strange unknown things like red makes you eat more while blue curbs your appetite. Then the post I started about going to college popped in my head. I could write about that. So I went through the steps and planned it out and wrote down topics and what would be discussed and this and that. Then I looked into publishing. You talk about a twisted case!! Going to a publisher or sending your manuscript in is one thing. But that's if they like it, that's if they don't steal your work, that's if they don't try and ghost publish it all this bull. As for self publishing, if you don't have the money, resources and contacts/ can forget it. To publish 100 copies of any book would be $1000 if not more. If that's not insane I don't know what is. So of course my "hope" was crushed and I moved on.

However the more I thought about it, the more I felt it wasn't right for me to charge anybody especially a price I wouldn't be ok with. This is important need to know stuff and no one should have to pay hundreds or thousands for this. Plus then I thought I would be PISSED if they banned my book or some other evil dumb shit Lil that. At least on here I can always find a way to make the shit possible! Don't play with me, if there's an email, there's a way dammit. You can ask yahoo answers that shit lol.

So I decided that I would put here on the blog. If any case, anybody can google or search it and it'll be here. It won't be extravagant like other articles and I'm not going to tell you a bullshit lie or a cute story. Yea sometimes the truth can hurt but it's better to know then to find out after the fact like I had to. Plus if it helps or prevents someone going down the path I had to, then I'm happy. Besides, this will prevent me from cutting someone lol.

So once I finish the rest of the 25 Days Of Bunny be on the look out for College 1-O-What?! It'll be a new label and I think I'll do it in volumes & titles oppose to just posts. It'll be easier to find what you're looking for, plus I might even put up a new page in the menu bar do you can find it that way.

So stay tuned!! Plus there'll be another label so look out for that one too!!

Peace & Hair Grease...

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