Saturday, May 19, 2012

25DOB | Obstacle

So, If you keep up with me on a regular basis, you know when I say I'm going to post something I'm going to do it and everyone will enjoy it dammit. Lol

Anyway I realized shortly after April 25-27 the blog was acting strange and weird and would only show a few posts. Well also I panicked because the label 25 said there was 25 posts and there wasn't. When I clicked on it that's where the blog when all retarded and haywire on me. So I thought that eventually it would work its own kinks out and snap back to normal, you know?? But also since Blogger's doing this new forceful transition to the new blogger, a lot of things are messed up. I really didn't get the problem fixed until May 13.....somewhat. So thank god that I had a good amount posted and done without any serious problems, but I was disgusted as hell. I was getting ignored by google help forum whatever. I didn't get no results until I threaten to call somebody about the issue and leave. OMG then I had all the help in the world. But that's neither here nor there.

So appatenly Blogger's pagination is very discriminatory towards other codes and stuff, especially the rainbow code which seems like thousands and thousands of lines of pure nonsense that actually looks quite beautiful lol. But what baffled me the most was the fact when I posted the first 3 or 5  Days Of Bunny posts, it didn't  segregate itself like all the other ones did and only appear when they want and disappear the next. I still find that quite disturbing, do you think it could be aliens??

Anyway so I refused to post anything after Day 16 because I didn't want the same thing to continue to happen and there was no way in solving it. So I thought I wait, I didn't know it was going to take a week to get the problem known, and partially resolved. Plus my personally life decided to jump in and cause nothing but chaos and bullshitted anger. I got preoccupied with that, and the 20th ended up creeping up on me like a Certified Creeper. GOD it's like damn it's tomorrow?? Geez!! So I had a moment that I said eff it and wasn't going to write any more but I decided to change my mind for some odd reason. And I felt like not only was I giving up too easily but I felt like I was letting you guys and anybody else down. That's not right.

So hey yawl already know it's better late then never at all right?? I think these next few ones will be good ones too. They say always save the best for last and I think I did a good job this time around planning this awesome event lol.

Please, PLEASE, Please forgive me and my constant tardiness lol. I hope you enjoy the remainder Days Of Bunny posts.


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