Saturday, May 19, 2012

25DOB | Day 25

"Making Up"

I'm sure exactly where I was going with this in the first place. The post was originally called "Till It Happens To You part 2." But I guess I was hurt, unhappy and the job searching wasn't going too good and I was probably in the mood to vent. Unfortunately it slipped my mind as soon as some other bullcrap got pushed in. So I lost my train of thought and the purpose of this topic lol. Plus it would be a shame to waste such a perfectly good post, so here it goes!!

I started this blog 4 years ago. Basically with the intentions of posting my poetry and sharing what I love to do the most with the world. I was doing it out of spitting myself for being denied to write in the college literary magazine. At time publishing a book was too much and sort of still is. Because my disease I can't stay focus as long and I need a break or map to get rejuvenated and start again lol. Unfortunately it didn't work out and I lost interest in and would post from time to time. Blogging seemed like a lot of work and I decided to not get involved.

However I entered a situation where I couldn't talk to my friends about my problem. But I still needed to vent. I didn't know really what to do and decided to write about it on here. Not only did I feel better, I enjoyed it.

I had times where I would feel it wasn't helping and would let go by the wayside. Times where I made broken promises and never gave an excuse as to why. And a lot has happened. But for some odd reason this time around. I didn't want to do let it go or lose the momentum so to speak. Whether I wrote something from my phone or on the computer. I feel happiest when I'm writing. It's what I love to do and I try to do it everyday.

So this blog turned into something more. I wanted to share with the world and then on the same token, let people like me know you're not alone. I don't want to be a self help expert because what I say may not fit your situation. Or what I suggest may not be what's best for you and all parties involved. I'm not an article writer. I don't aim to be and I dispose them. The wordage is so bland and boring. I write as if I'm talking to someone personally. It makes me comfortable and it makes you comfortable. Then everyone's kind of happy lol. But I think you can have a better appreciation and connection with the writer if they write this way. I'm not saying you should write the way you talk like nah mean? or dropping the "G" off of words that end in "-ing" none of that. It's poor writing and disturbing. You make people want to correct it lol.

My aim isn't gaining the most followers or readers. Nor am I going to bribe people, nothing good comes from that and it can get out of control. This is made for everybody. And no it's not about Bunnies or cutesy stuff. Well maybe a little bit of cute stuff. But mostly interesting things. Topics people refuse to discuss or talk about. And maybe in my often ramblings, I can help someone or make them feel better not just emotionally or about themselves but about everything in general.

I can't go out and help people like society expects me to do. However I can write and give advice and connect with people all over the world via the Internet and this blog.

Hell I went through 3 name changes lol. It started out as to and finally (where it's going to stay) I like it like that. And there's nothing wrong in using a "Z" in place of an "S" if it's meant strictly for fun purposes only!! Hahaha

So I still have many things planned for everyone and I'm going to expand this a little bit more. I may not talk about politics or history or current events. Those things don't interest me as much as an awesome ear cuff or a cute cat gif would.

Thinking as I write this, I think I'll post more of my poetry and definitely (maybe) the short stories too. I'm all for making a profit or money, but I would rather much have people be able to see it and read it and enjoy it (if they want to) than to never be able to do so. Have you seen the prices they want to charge for books!? Highway Robbery if you ask me!

Well in the midst of all my ramblings, I hope you enjoy coming to visit here and getting to know me. I hope also I can continue this for years to come.

However for now, I'm making up for lost time. And posting things that not only come to my mind. But posting things that important for everyone and need to be talked about more.

So I say thank you, like I usually do. Because without you guys (who mean the world to me like everyone else close to) I wouldn't have been able to come this far!! So let's hope we can continue this far more longer than just 5 or 10 years.

Let's shoot for a life time!

In the mean time what I want from you guys and dolls and groupies is to enjoy this space. Think of it as that happy place you need to visit when everything's gone wrong, your sad or looking for that little something or whatever you can't find.

Just remember when the world seems to turn their backs on you, Bunny will always be here (or somewhere lol) if you need me!


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