Thursday, May 17, 2012

25DOB | Day 23

"Blue Millennia Crisis"

I've decided to call my little issue the week of my birthday which you shall see and read in the very last 25 Days Of Bunny post, a Blue Millennia Crisis.

Most people who turn 25 have what is coined a Quarter Life Crisis. It's where you question where you're going with your life. If it isn't going too well, you have a lot of doubts and unhappiness which then leads to a slight case of depression and insanity. But you can't blame no one really, it happens to almost everyone. If you say now it won't or didn't....clearly you forgot purposely and yes it will happen.

When you turn 25, Society expects you to be a well-to-do adult. You've just finished your bachelor degree and possibly masters as well. Some are successful in finding a good job, while others just work. Most are married or at least preparing for marriage. Others are parents, in the process of becoming parents and the rest are family planning. You have your life together, you have a house or an apartment. You pay your bills, take care of your family and co-exist with the rest of the adults in the world. Plus you're most likely in your job that you'll stay in for the next 30-40+years (if possible).

Well maybe all that held true back in the 1950s. However in today's society, no one is even that close!! And if they are, they were born rich with a 925 Italian Tiffany Silver Spoon dangling from their droopy little mouth. The same douchewaffle who goes to Harvard and fucks up and still gets a degree with a shoe-in to a 6-figure paying job!

The rest of us aren't that lucky. And with the way the economy is and these student loan debt alligators biting on everybody's ass (or ball sack for the guys). It's a hard knock life—literally!

Most of us either graduated college and can't get a job. The rest had to drop out because they could no longer afford it. You're thrown into the real world and everybody screaming WELL MAN UP and TAKE CARE OF BUSINESS, IT'S YOUR RESPONSIBILITY!! Well how can you do any of that if you can't get a job you're not qualified for, trained for, didn't learn in college. Employers want specific kinds of people and shun the rest. People are unhappy and confused and have no place to go and can't get out of the make-shift grave that dug for them. It's quite sad.

Well I experienced that. I'm turning 25, no job, no friends, a sad ass love life. This isn't where I wanted or expected to be. I wanted the big old house with the white Pickett fence with the pets and at least 6 kids with a wonderful husband. Hell by 25 I expected to be on kid #3 maybe even #4! But it wasn't like that.

Instead I'm a college drop out, can't get a job nowhere doing anything. Friends have now become an unknown to me. And I'm stuck with no way to fix it or change it. Now that really sucks!!

Well in the midst of my frowning after reading articles and articles on the subject. I decided with my looney self to look up a Mid-Life Crisis. What's the difference if there is one? And why is one more popular than the other?? What's going on??

So I looked up. A Mid-Life crisis takes place when someone is usually between their late 30s to 60s or 70s (give or take). They're unhappy with the same old routine they've been doing for the past 10-20+ years. And depending on the age they've lost their parents, the kids have flown the coop, friends are getting sparse. So to make up for it they do irrational things like men most likely get a red sports car. Others dye their hair obscene colors, get piercings and tattoos, start wearing clothes the teens and young people are rocking, they try to act cool, pick up mates (if single maybe) 20-30 years their junior, finding out they have a disease of some sort and so many more. They do it to gain attention sometimes, while others are trying to spice up their already dual and routinely based life. Others don't know what else to do, it's another form of rebellion so to speak.

Well....reading that, I had to take a minute and examine what the fuck I just read. Piercings? Tattoos?? Obscenely colored hair??? Death of a parent???? Disease?????

Did I just go through a Mid-Life Crisis???

Yup. Yes you did.

So to make sure, I wasn't losing my mind completely just yet? I asked my mother. Her response is that when I finally do hit the "Mid-Life Crisis" age, I'm gonna be real fucked up.

They say each crisis lasts about 7years. Some longer, other shorter. But that's the median time frame. So if that's the case am I'm getting a double dose?? Like 14 years worth of what the fuck-ery?? It can't be!

I was interested and intrigued by the topics. But when my life started falling into all the categories. Then I got disturbed and had to sit back and think and wonder, where exactly am I going in my life?? Why an I here?? What's my true purpose?? Why haven't I gotten just a little close to what I wanted??? I was baffled. I was hurt, confused and extremely lost.

Felt like the world was moving along without me and just said oh well—We don't need another LéSans here anyway.

So then I decided to search what they call something or someone who has both a Quarter Life and Mid-Life crises. Found nothing!! So then I wondered what do they call old people who go through that I'm ready to die crisis?? Found nothing on that either. I decided to call that the Centennial Crisis. Where you're past your 70s, all alone, friends are dying if not dead already, living in an abusive nursing home with pneumonia and no friends or family to come visit you and you have nothing else to look forward to but death. The very one thing you have to do left—Yeah, A Centennial Crisis.

As for me, I decided to call my issue a [Blue] Millennia Crisis. Where you have both a Quarter Life and mid-Life Crisis at the same time and the only thing you're excited for is sleep and the only disappointment is waking up still living in this hellhole. Quite disturbing and depressing and I'm not suggesting suicide. But dammit if you don't want to try. Like what does someone do when they've exhausted all possible routes and situation and to be judged and shun from society because life happens is fucked up. I'll say so right now!!

The best way to solve it???

Accept it. And maybe change will come. If people could hope, pray and wish for things out of thin air. I'd see the world turning into a chaotic place of douchewaffles and craziness.

Accept it and embrace it. Eventually it will past and it has to. I don't die my hair flamboyant colors as often lol. But I have piercings and a tattoo that'll forever be with me. And before you say you're going through the same thing. Bury a parent fest and then you'll see how adult the real world truly is.

You can't change life and we are all given our own to deal with. However when yours intersects with others' lives. It turns into a disaster at some point and it's hard to chance. It's like the butterfly effect. Whatever you do in the past will have a serious effect on the future. Well it's true. Not saying I'm a time-traveler or anything. But there are things I think back to what I've done or what I could've don't or what could've happened that affects my future. For example, I think if I had dropped out of high school and gotten a job, maybe my dad would still be here and there wouldn't be so much stress. Maybe I would've got my GED and went to a trade school instead. Or maybe something complete different or unusual and totally unexpected would've happened. You see what I'm saying here??

So don't blame yourself. You did nothing wrong and it's just the cards you were dealt and you can't go back to change a move and you basically have to wait to see what happens next. Maybe also this will become a more prominent issue and get more peoples attention and maybe there will be help groups or programs to help people.

But until then, you'll have better luck finding a Pegacorn (Image: Source).

For now I'll just accept it and wait for something to happen. Hopefully with a sound mind I can make better decisions for the future.

So don't worry, you're not the only screw up or fuck up out there. There's plenty of us, and everybody else is afraid to say so lol.


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