Sunday, May 6, 2012

25DOB | Day 12

"Artistic Linguistics"

I've never been much of an outgoing person. Even now I know I'm not. I'm not even close to being a Social Butterfly or even the Social Bunny. All three, of which I admire deeply. But I don't know I've always had a hard time communicating to people. And when I would I have a klutzy moment or make a mistake, I always felt bad and like a complete jackass. 

But I found out one way I could always communicate was when I did something artistically. It wasn't about being an attention getter. But even if I got the the smallest attention. I was happy because whoever the person was, took time out to notice me. To notice that I existed. 

I always loved to color and draw. I loved getting the good job or the "this is a great picture" or the "Oh My Gosh" and Oohs and Aahhs. It made me happy I felt like I was able to communicate to that person in a way I couldn't normally do on my own. I was able to convey feelings I couldn't say, and open up emotionally when the door had been shut. 

It made me happy to create things and even more so when people would get happy. I felt like I accomplished something great. I made someone smile today. Even if they didn't want to, they smiled and enjoyed themselves. I did hate it when people wouldn't acknowledge my artistic skills. Not in a selfish, vain kind of way. But I felt like they weren't giving me a chance, they were shutting me out before I could express myself. It felt like they didn't want me to exist like everyone else did. So I had to satisfy myself with doodles and such. 

I've always had a creatively geared personality. I felt happy and content when doing something. Whether it was art, making something or trying something I had never done before. It was exciting. And still is. I remember in high school when they asked us what we wanted to be in high school. I said I wanted to be a Graphic designer. All I knew was that they colored and drew all day as a job. And I was interested. Never researched it or found out what they really did, but I knew that's what I wanted to do. Well because society felt that my decision was half-assed. I made the mistake of changing my mind lol. I don't regret it though, because I still color and draw and do all kinds of things I consider my hobbies. Or as smart collegiate people call them: INTERESTS (chip chip cheerio). 

Same goes with music. Most people love it and enjoy it for the happiness or good feeling it supplies. I love it because I feel a connection with it. I enjoy dissecting music no matter what the song is. I love all sorts of music!! I'll listen to anything damn near lol. Guess that's why I was so happy to play in the band in high school. I remember as a kid going to the football games with my dad and watching the band play their songs and go out onto the field and perform. It was so memorizing and exciting. Used to wonder how they remembered all those songs and stayed in step while marching and doing their routine. It was riveting to me lol. 

Plus I have a little secret too. 


I love Computer Aided Drafting and Architecture. I love buildings, homes and structures. How it's drawn and made and created. Even to how it's build and erected. It's always been interesting. I suck when it comes to blue prints and measuring and I hate math but I still love the building and creation of something so spectacular. Plus I have a small fondness to C++ programming. I much rather do HTML codex than C++ but they are both one in the same. Actually I'm currently or I will be in the process of making a tumblr theme.  

Ok. So I found this awesome blogger template. I liked it but not well enough for it to be on here. But I said to myself OMG THAT WOULD LOOK SO COOL ON MY TUMBLR. Unfortunately it seems no one has converted it ore any other blogger template to a tumblr theme. However, Tumblr did accept the codex or the XML format just not all the other fancy stuff lol. But I don't understand why no one has done this yet. They've go WordPress to Blogger and vice versa. Eve WordPress to Tumblr. So why can't we go from Blogger to Tumblr or is this a battle of h blogs competition and some weirdo out there is over seeing the process?? Makes no sense to me. 

But whatever I plan to make it on my own and it shall be AWESOME!! Got tired of looking at all that white brightness and pink happy ass colors. Like the fuck?? I like emo rainbows and lets keep it like that lol.

Ehh well if I get that done ever, I'll be sure to show you guys :D. 

I like showing my art off. It makes me happy and I feel all giddy. Something like when Quagmire giggities. Hahaha XD something like that. 

Never under estimate art. Visual Communications play a big role in our daily everyday life. TV, Commercial, Internet not included. Think about the things we know and have learned. 

Ooo like babies, they come here unable to talk or communicate properly. Thus they learn things visually. 

So with that said whether you're a realist, pessimist, optimist or opportunistdeep down we are all Visualists ^_^. And don't you forget it lol.


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