Tuesday, April 3, 2012


Hello Everyone!!
Now I plan on taking attendance, since I may have lost some of you in this wonderful "transition." Don't feel bad it caught me off guard too. Felt like someone stole my favorite plushie and my food and my computer and-and just all my shit!! Then mixed a couple dashes of disaster, fuck it ups, salt and vinegar to taste.
So not only was my mind blown, I had a few other things knock me upside the head. And I had to rush something I wanted a smooth transition for and to go into. But like I said its April, RIGHT?? Something always goes wrong! I dunno what the fuck it is but April ain't our month is it?? LMFAO XD.
So as of 2-something AM Eastern Standard Time. It's like 2:30am for me right now.
We've retired the website www.saunirue.com.
It's been good and we've all had a great time and I feel kind of guilty and sad. However I'm happy to be moving on at the same time and I hope you guys will be with me for every (future) step of the way until I'm like 4,000 years old or whenever I decide to croak lol. Then I'll have to get my kids or grand kids write some stuff up for you Guyz, Dollz & Groupiez. Hahaha!!
But I've planned a great LAST-MINUTE Celebration for SauniRue.com to show our love and gratitude!! Lol sad I can work well under pressure but I love to procrastinate—Ehh screw yawl it's a good combo =D.
Anyway I'm going to post 10 posts one a day about why I loved, hated, made, created, disintegrated Sauni Rue and all those other good bad negative happy things I may have forgotten too lol.
But in all seriousness. I decided to post this so you all won't end up lost, confused and ready to kick butt like I was this morning. Thank Steve Jobs for iPhones. Thank God for Steve Jobs lol. It's made my life a lot easier tonite, today or whatever.
So breathe, calm down. I ain't went nowhere, just like I said.
We just had to rush something we werent necessarily ready for you know?? But everything will get its life back together. So there might be a bunch of posts today and I'll need to rework my schedule a bit so of you don't hear from me in a couple days or so, don't panic or take it personal ok??
SO!! Until we can officially welcome the new website, you need to click the link below and bookmark it, or just replace SauniRue.com with the link below.
And when the new website comes or pops up we'll welcome it and mosey along with what we were doing previously—if I can remember hahahaha!!
In the meantime—Please bear with me until we get everything situated and UN-chaotic ^_^.
But after all this excitement I may need to cop myself a NAP!!!
Eyes is crossing and seeing double and shit lol XD.
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