Monday, April 16, 2012

Welcome to the New and Improved Bunny!!


Hi you guys!!

Did you miss me?? I missed you guys for DAYS!!! But still I wrote my cute little heart out for you because it was importante to me.

And lemme tell you there's a BUNCHA STUFF!!!

So what's been going on??

I been through Hell and Back—LITERALLY.

And after days and many many issues I finally got it together and I couldn't be happier!! Exhausted as hell, but very happy!

Anyway so tell me, do you like the new name change?? Is it easier?? Can you find me better now???

I'm contented with the domain change and I hope you guys are too!! To be honest I LOVE IT XD hahahaa.

Now I'm not gonna lie. I wrote something an didn't like it. I just erased it all. Not only did I change the website name, but I changed a lot. Probably bit more off than I could chew. But I didn't and still don't want to shout defeat without trying first lol. So I've been a busy Rabbit for the past couple weeks which have felt like years to me. But I'm happy and satisfied will all the new changes. It's a positive. Plus, kids I'm getting older!! Shoo!! I'll be pushing 25 NEXT MONTH!! Ooooo!! Never thought I would approach it so fast!! Lol.

But I felt since I wanted to change me and I have changed. And still go some room to change some more and grow as well. Why not change everything. Well not everything, but the blog has changed as you can see :D hehehee. Yawl like it?? I do. It feels more grown up haha. But I've changed my tumblr and plan on doing the same to my twitter in due time. If I haven't gone crazy or been out away in some asylum lol. So still dark and glooming but a little bit brighter. You can't expect sun right away if the cloud are going to continue to be grey for awhile right?? Things take time and a good transition. I felt this was the right time to do so. I'm happy with the BIG yet subtle change. Might've been too much and crazy and yawl got lost and I haven't seen daylight and can't interact with peoples like I used to XD.

However all in all I hope you Guyz, Dollz and Groupiez love the new changes. And I also hope you all can find more and more enjoyment in this blog or just as much enjoyment as I do.

So go on, loves. Take a look around and tell me what you think about the new changes =D. And if there's anything you'd like to see please let me know!!

Hugs & Kisses,



I hope you guys enjoy the new and improved Labels as well ;D haha!


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