Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Girl get comfortable we bout to do something you neva done before
Baby not the usual tonight we gettin unpredictable
So tryyy to roll with it baby... baby
I’m a make you feel like you neva felt,
Girl all because you let me get unpredictable

Baby 1 plus 1 ain't 2 when you wit me
'C' ain't after 'A' and 'B' when you wit me
It don't make sense right now but it will
Later on when you see how I make you feel
Regular ain't in my vocabulary
When it comes to love makin neither is missionary
Positions girl, pick one, better yet some
Never mind that we tryin all the fun

Its funny how things work out. Here I am chillin, kickin it , RELAXING. Listening to a song I haven't heard in a long time, before my world came to an end! However I couldn't help but smile at the lyrics because it basically explained how I felt at the moment. Made the task at hand more understandable and made me happy. Thank you Jamie Foxx for that. Plus I was having dirty, naughty, sexy thoughts—

Triple-Ex Marks the Spot!!

Sorry bout that ^_^ but Jamie's a HOTT and I'd totally tear that ass up!!! LIKE TOMORROW WAS NEVER COMING!!! But don't sit there and act like you don't have someone you wouldn't want to rape because they're a total hottie—famous or not lol.

Anyway your innocence is important to me =D.

So like it says at the top of that upper left-hand corner, I really do mean to give yawl the best unpredictably. It would be me, it wouldn't be fun, it wouldn't be LIFE if I didn't do so right?? And that chorus and first verse explains it all.

I don't do good with scheduled things nor am I good with being on time. But if I didn't procrastinate I wouldn't see or experience a lot of things. And if Life was predictable, I would be able to work DAMN WELL under pressure and turn everything I touch into a masterpiece or something close to it right?? Lol

Anyway, I hope that do far you guys have enjoyed the ride and will continue to throw your hands up and scream, giggle, shout and all that other good amusement sounds and gestures hehehe.

So don't get upset if something doesn't go your way. Don't panic if things dont go according to plans. That's whats it interesting. Just go with the flow and things will work themselves out :). Trust me!! I'm the girl who can write a 10-page paper for a college business writing class that I had less than 10mins to get TO!!!

Yup, that's why I'm the Boss Lady >;D LOL

Babe get comfortable we bout to do something you neva done before; not the usual—we gettin Unpredictable ;)

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