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I watching the show The Middle and it was a rerun but I never saw how it ended just the first half of it twice or thrice now. Anyway the daughter wanted to go to this Justin Beiber concert and asked her parents. Parents said they couldn't afford to go. But then they decided to let her go and her and the mom went through hell and back to get the tickets.

All in all I dunno at first my initial thought is NO. Not out of selfishness or meanness. If the family's already struggling why go buy tickets?? They're so expensive. My first and only concert was when I was about 13 or 14 went with a friend. Actually they needed quota for their Girls Scout group or section and they needed the number & head count to get discounted tickets. So yup I got asked to go to a Lil Bow Wow & B2K concert LOL. Saying that and retreading that makes me feel old as hell!!! XXXDDD

So then I thought well maybe it's a teenage temptation. That's what you expect. The concerts with friends is like going to the club but they're playing all your favorite hits by your favorite singer and the neon and strobe lights and smoke and stuff. Makes it real exciting.

But then I'm like what's the big deal?? Since I live in a place where we're rarely get concerts like New York or LA or London or something. I never really got excited or had that reason to you know?? Plus not too many artists back in the early 2000s were interesting enough. There was no Lady Gaga back then—damn. What the hell did I listen to?? Aaliyah. Unfortunately she died before she could even start a world tour :(.

So not only did I get to go to a concert, I went to one where I wasn't really happy about or really that into. I wasn't a big fan of B2K or Marques be frank Omarion ruined my prom that much more. Ugh like wtf I ask for Ciara Oh and they give me Omarion O. Yea.

Anyway, in the midst of it, not only was I surprised they would make it so she got tickets but that she wanted to take her mom! Not that it's that's strange. But yea me and a bar and taking Madea too. Yea no way!! Not fun at all lol. Then I wondered
will my kid want to go to the Zift Nebula 2030 World Tour Concert??? Will they be sacrificing Birthday and Christmas presents and allowance money just to see their celeb crush on stage gyrating his crotch. While she tries to not only remind me how old I am but how much of a total hottie spark he is?????

Oh GOD!! How do you parents deal with this??? I mean Tweens and Teens are enough. I should know I was one of those not too long ago!! But damn, only guy I got all giggly over was Ginuwine, even my pet fishes hated him lol.

I dunno maybe I just wasn't fully interested too, since my parents already let me do what I wanted to do. Guess that explains the ME NOW oppose to the THEN ME. I would go out to parties at night and come home the next day or something. Went to plays and socialite happenings in fabulous (dahntahn if you're a Pittsburgher) downtown. Even went to expensive restaurants and had dinner out damn near every Sunday. Call it spoiled but it helped me appreciate things lol. However unlike the kids in my school who may have not done that or any of those things. They probably even went to more concerts than I did you know???

I was going to call this a teenage vice but then again it's not. Even now only concert I wanted to go to was the Lady Gaga concerts but my mom didn't want me going by myself -_- and my friends are queer about my forbidden love for GAGA. She came twice and I had the money to go but it was a weekend only type event and the buses don't run frequently on a WEEKDAY so you can guess how it goes for a weekend. Like a deserted Cowboy City.

Now I'll be honest and say I tray her go to a play or something. I love plays. Mad that The Addams Family and A Chorus Line is here and I have no money to go =\. It's been awhile since I last saw a play. Probably since college maybe. However the city always brings in the ones you've never heard of or not really that interested in and you got the money to go but would rather not waste good energy for something do boring. But the ones you wanna go to you're either broke or it's only here for 3days all of which you don't have the time or can't make the time for. Like WTH right??

However I guess that "temptation" holds true for other things and vices as well. Some of us want things but it doesn't mean the whole group does. Which is quite interesting. Especially when they say what teenagers want. I personally wanted that boyfriend to protect me and care for me and we hang out at this awesome retro ice cream parlor I know of and spend our weekends at the movies or a school event. Unfortunately it didn't happen that way and I found myself alone, strange, weird—the ultimate loner. A hobbit, if you will, who not only roamed the halls and got in trouble from time to time but I lived in the library and read. Senior year I was able to go half a day to school and spent it playing with the little preschoolers at my old elementary and the babies and toddlers at my mom's cousin's daycare. Now that was fun!! =D LOL.

I'm impulsive as people say. I dot think so but that's them. Put something with a price tag in front of me and I I got the money for it and no one else has it already I'm buying it!! Just like my shoe shaped purse or Chucks with the cute Bunnies & Rainbows on em. If I want it, I'm going to get it. If I don't get it then it never held any true or worth while reasons to begin with. Like I would go out and buy a new cellphone out of want. Or that one Victoria Secret fragrance. Or that cute hair bow or ribbon. Both, selfish wants. However if I saw cute clothes or something I wanted I would either have a debate on it or just buy out of necessity want. Maybe well talk about that more, hmm??

Anyway tell me or just think about it....

Have you ever had something you wanted so badly you'd do anything (but not everything) for?? What was it??

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