Monday, April 2, 2012

Still Got It??

So besides risking my life and barely making it out of sea of old people, douchebags & trolls alive—

I got hit on yesterday by some 40/50 something year old or err um…that's what he looked like. He pulled up next to me in his fancy Lil knock off sports car and I looked because he appreared out of nowhere and I was preoccupied with my purse or phone or something. Probably trying to think of how I was going to get the hell into and away from the Sunday Traffic. So thinking he wanted to use the vacuum and I was parked by it. I finished putting on my seat belt. So then he beeped his horn at me, waved and blew kisses at me and flashed his tiger tooth smile and all I could do was

give this dumbfounded look and make that uncomfortable bad poker face and laughed to myself uncomfortably as he smiled happily at me.

Thus getting afraid I pulled the hell off and ran over the curb and went up a street I didn't know!! But I made it home safely to see my bisexually confused neighbor with her stud-like girlfriend ^_^

Yay!! Lol

I guess the older gentlemen still find me HOTT. But I dunno if that's a good thing or a bad one. Because of my looks he may assumed I was a teenager and had a pedophiliac boner going or something lol.

I dunno men scare me when they approach me too aggressively. The other part of me freaks the hell out and screams I LIKE GIRLS!!! XD

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