Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Psychology ≠ Ass Whoopin

Now I'm not lie and say I love neither but I'm not the type to argue over dumb shit. I rather eliminate your ass and call it damn day OK!!


Anyway I found it funny. What did I find so amusing??

Well my mom's been having a bunch of problems with Medicare. YES MY MAMA OLD, STFU OK!

But yea, so she's having problems. So last week I went and got her meds and it's damn near $500. Ridiculous!! I know!! So when she gets pissed shes like Madea kick someones asses a couple times, shoot now shoot some more, QUICKER THE WAR—Quicker the PEACE type chick. She called all around and was pitching a bitch. And she had the right to.

So little Mz. 4-eyes at the Pharmacy think she so cute she do bad. That Lil HO pisses me off when I called in my mama's prescription she said we had already done so and this happen and no ones paying for this and that and all this cockamamie bullshit. CRAZY!!

Anyway my mama called up some people and finally got a helping hand. Being that she had brain surgery and doesn't still fully understand some things. And my dad died before he had a chance to go through Obama UrgiCare H-OMO healthscare. I dunno hell I'm 25 by time I reach my 60s there'll be aliens roaming the earth happily kicking human ass lol. So the guy worked with her and called up the pharmacy.

So tonight (4/3/12), well earlier this evening I called in her prescription. She doesn't do well with voice message and telephone prompts. So Mz. I'm-Black-and-I-Got-8-degrees-in-Basket-Weaving answered the phone and I said I needed to fill a prescription and pick it up TANITE(!!).

So this girl says to me you never picked up the last prescriptions. And they're here it's medicine AB & medicine CZ.

What the fuck, I'm sorry??? I already pick that up last week!

She then says well what about medicine CZ??


And what pissed me off is this colored girl goes and "tattles on me and asks Ms. 4-eyes.


So she gets back on the phone after they argue for about 5mins like oh well you'll be getting a refund for those. Anyway we close at 8 O'CLOCK and the medicine TL (what I called in today), medicine AB & medicine CZ will be ready and—

AYE AYE AYE LOOK HERR LOOK HERR!!! All I want is medicine TL ok Tee-Elle, TL.

What she do?? She sucks her teeth and gets huffy. Then I did he pissed becoz she already reminds me of shelter girl -_-

So I run the car, to the pharmacy. And not only do they rarely have anybody in the whole fucking RITE AID there's never rarely a "line." After standing there for a good 5mins, Ms. 4-eyes asks me what I needed. I told her I was there to pick up a prescription. And she's like oh—eh I'm almost done with it.

So while I'm waiting the top flight security guard is talking some dumb shit to the colored girl gettin her all hott, bothered and horny. Giggling like he's the next funniest thing behind toast. And I'm like why?? Why the fuck....just—



So when Ms. 4-eyes finally gets her act together. She talks about a refund and wanted to act like she didn't remember what the hell was going on. That stupid act you know that people play?? Yea that. So not only could her dumb ass not give a refund I had to play that game twice with her -_- like who hires these incompetent people??? The college degree and fancy paper is not helping their brain become smarter or stops their dumbass from doing dumb shit. That's like trying to make a prostitute a virgin. The hell?!

So afterwards she's super sweet with me. Like the only reason we gave HER (referring to my mom) a refund was because someone fom some OTHER PHARMACY CALLED AND SAID SHE HAD A Rx CARD .......

Did yawl pick up on it??

She said that sweetly and shit at first. Then it turned into this evil baby doll anime bitch ass ATTITUDE.

I'm like

OH REALLY?? Didn't know that

Then she got pissed, I could tell her face pinched tight in a twinge. And she says well NO ONE EVER TOLD US SHE HAD ONE OF THEM CARDS AND NEXT TIME YOU NEED TO TELL US.

So I'm pissed and to keep from burning some shit down I'm like yea ok whatever THANK YOU!!!

Now the last time I was there was in December or January. My mom needed all her meds filled. So I go there and not only was this 4-eyed bitch being money hungry like a Strip Club Veteran, she's fucked up.

I asked her then did she need to see the cards. And I pulled them out to show her. She cuts me off and says NO, WE GOT EM IN THE SYSTEM and walks the fuck off.

Imma need them to create a bitch slap or report a ho for bitchassness hotline coz I don't understand sometimes what's wrong with people.

1.) if you hate your job so much—QUIT IT!! I doubt anybody's forcing you to "work against your will" and apparently you don't know how to appreciate things or show some damn gratitude.

2.) just coz you're having a fucked up day doesn't mean you bring everybody else down shit we all got our own problems and don't. We'd yours to fuck it up or fuck up what could've been a good day.

3.) if you have to work that job then dammit you best smile your ass off everyday like you've never smiled before and will never smile again tomorrow. And learn some damn manners and etiquette.

4.) and since you complaining how much you hate it, trade it!! Give me or all the other UNEMPLOYED, LAID OFF PEOPLE WHO WANT TO WORK your job. & you take your 5 degrees and 20 minors and shove them up your whining complaining bitch ass.

Like do a push up or something! Hell go play in traffic, find something worth while to bitch about.

Anyways sorry got off topic. What made me mad was this chick is looking at my fantabulous styled tackiness. And is not only judging me skin color wise and neighborhood/environment wise (we live in the hood). She's assuming I'm illiterate and stupid and is going to use psychology on me to fuck with my head. So I can kick your ass too without physically putting my hands on you.

What I do?? I used reverse psychology on her and walked the fuck away from her. Like bitch you're just a peon and will always be a peon. I don't need keys to know I'm somebody. I don't need a piece of CARD STOCK to know I'm intelligent. And I don't need some prissy ass HO reminding me I live in the hood.

Now I'll admit when I was in college I didn't see a need for psychology or any of that stuff. Made no sense to me. I don't want to study people, they frustrate me enough opening their mouths and letting the stupid sounds come out. However, I'm glad I did have it even if I did only get a D out of it.

I wasn't shocked that she tried to do that, it's not the first time. But I was pissed she was mad. Because someone dug in her Lil ass. Don't get an attitude with me because you didn't do your motherfucking job correctly. No one should be forced to do your job and let alone do it for free while you get paid. Oh he'll no, bitch I want my cut if I have to do your job for you.

So with all that rant being said. Sometimes it's for the best to know something's. You can deal with situations better that way. And psychology can be a good resource in the prevention of a Super Pimp Slap Attack Special like you see in the movies and animes ^_^.

But don't let dumb people take advantage of you. Just because someone from Unicorn Candy Mountain told them they were smart or FUCKING SUPER—doesn't mean they are.

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