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TELL ME better yet Show Me

How many of you Guyz & Baby Dollz are going to the Prom this year??

Do you even know why?? And don't say because it's prom DUH BUNNY!!!

How many of my grown people got kids, or siblings or nieces, nephews going to prom this year?? Are you prepared for the chaos???

Now I'll be honest. When I was a kid and tween I loved prom and loved seeing all the girls dressed up in their pretty brightly colored dressed all dolled up and stuff. I guess it can be a fantastical dreamlike experience.

Yet unfortunately, it didn't turn out that way for me.

MY SENIOR PROM SUCKED!! It was the most worse experience or at least one of the worse experiences in my life and I can't believe I wasted my time in going.

I didn't really want to go. Since I was the unpopular strange girl I didn't get asked by anybody. And really didn't have anybody to go with. Once senior year came I just wanted it to be OVER. So I could be free and be me and live in fairy tale world like all the other wafflefucks XD.

Yea so, um... OH YEA!! So this buddy from school, there was no love interest and never woulda been one and no friendzonage. He was my best bud ya kno?? So we decided hey let's go to prom together. Fine.

So what happens??

He decides in February he's not sure if he's interested in the thought of considering of going to the prom. By April he was sure he wasn't going to go and about a couple weeks before prom he said he didn't want to go or go with me any more. That was fine.

So not only did I turn into the laughing stock of the whole junior and senior high school. They made me first for the Line-Up.

And for those of you that don't know....A Prom Line Up is an event that happens before the prom. Where the couples show off their outfits and everyone in the neighbor or family and friends and the other kids in school get to see them. It's a nice event if it's done right. And it makes it easier when the family wants to see you all dressy and stuff. So yea just google you'll find out more lol. If I knew where the vids were at I'd show yawl but since I don't and we don't need to check that out, let's forget I brought it up.

So there's your favorite Bunny at the prom line up and here comes the now ex best bud dressed in my colors and walking someone else out. YYEEEAAAAA!!!!

Then we get to the damn hotel and they stuck our school in a living room basically and I spent 6hours just about in the same seat, bored, unhappy and pissed off.

Only thing I liked was my hair got cut and trimmed and my purse and shoes were cute.

My dress??

I wanted the $300 knock off to Halle Berry's Oscar de la Renta dress she wore to the 2003 oscars I believe.

Looked similar to these:

A mixture of the two. I knew I'd be the only girl to have that dress and those colors and plus black and white was CLASSIC CLASSY SASSY =D. I kno right!!!

Did I get that??? No. Look even just as cute?? No. Knock off cute of the actual knock off???? No.

Here's what I looked like:

Yea. So yea. Prom sucked for me and was just a fucked up moment. Especially since my 18th birthday was ruined the week before. You could tell how enthused I was.

So why I am bringing this up???

Well I was watching the Today morning show with the panelist Donny Deutsch, Star Jones, and Nancy Snyderman. They were having this discussion on Prom Dresses and attire. Saying that it's gotten sluttier and it's distasteful and becoming offensive. That the girls shouldn't be dressing like that blah blah blah.

Click here for more of their discussion

Now Star Jones and the other woman Nancy was saying it should be the schools problem and make sure that the dress code should be put into effect. Because they new to understand or as Star Jones said, "If you can't put the picture on grandma's mantel next to the picture of Jesus, you shouldn't be dressing like that"

However I also know Star don't have no kids and ain't seen a prom since the Dinos roamed the earth. HELLO!! Besides Ms. Star you old enough to be some of these girls great or even great-great grandmammie O_o.

But I agreed with the guy, DONNY. You see how avidly I pay attention to names lol. But it's true what he said. If you let the school take control over dress code then favorites will start to play a role, and if they got anybody like my godmom Reenie working they'd feel the girls spose to be wearing Punjabis and Arabian & Iraqi attire. They would take it too far. And then they may not take it far enough. Plus I went to a high school where the girls did wear Tarzan bra and panty set—yes they wore it and it was ok. Some were made of leather or lace......yea.

Mr. Donny felt that it should be more of a parental decision. That's the truth. Even though the parents should be open for suggestions, but your daughter or your son's date shouldn't be going as an expensive escort. And if you don't want people regarding her as the hoochie mama or Queen Slut.

If you disagree tell me so!! But I'll be honest. If my kid was going to prom, in regards, my daughter I would want her to have a better experience than I did. In the right outfit and shoes a fucked up evening can be worth the hassle. But if not then it can be past life you don't want to remember!!

However if she showed me a dress that Kimi Watanatushi wore to Fashion Planet Week 2028 that was basically some pasties and a g-string with a plastic wrap dress—

OH HELL NAW!!! You put that shit back right MUTHAFUCKIN NOW!! You wanna be a hooker you do it after you leave my damn house OK!! Just be the best one you can be—BUT HELL NO!!

Now I'm not saying she gotta wear that shit Pocahontas had on but dammit look presentable. Plus I know this dress shops take shit too seriously!! That funky dress I had cost $200 ain't that some shit!

Anyways. People when you get your Lil muffin ready for the prom this year or NEXT. If you don't want people cracking on your daughter or date. Or if you don't want a rumor going around the school saying she fucked the whole sports department....then I suggest you think about how her slutty dress will not only be memorable for everybody and fuck it up for someone else. But people will judge your parenting skills and say you probably did the same when you were her age.

It may sound cross coming from me. But hey I was bullied in school so not only did I have to spend my last 3 weeks of school being talked about being pregnant, UGLY & GROSS, but I was sucha loser and weirdo I couldn't get a date for the prom if my life depended on it ^_^.

So yea, get it together ok??

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