Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The Players Club

This is like my all time favorite quote of the whole movie :D lol. If you haven't seen it you need to!! And if you're like me haven't seen it in awhile, I suggest you digg it out!


Dollar Bill: Stripping business started in Africa. Long time ago, long long time ago, white man went to Africa. And he saw all these bootiful black women, walking around, dancing, working, living, in the nude. Bucked Nakeds! You could see their public hairs. This white man went from village to village to seek out these bootiful black women, watching them perform, in the nude. TITTIES! Asses. Free. White man got an idea. He figure he go back to Europe and start the same type of business, taking away from our black women, trying to get them white bithches to dance the same identical way, huh? But to no avail. Wasn't no shame in our black women walking around BUCKED NAKED! So he went over to Europe and tried the same thang. Them white bitches told that white man the must bootiful words you ever want to hear in our profession.

Ebony: What did she say?

Dollar Bill: Baby, them white bitches looked that white man dead in the eye and told him, "Fuck that. Pay me!" Ha ha! That's why I get 30 percent.

Ebony: When can I start?

Dollar Bill: Immediately.

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