Thursday, April 19, 2012

The Parking Lot Fiasco

You ever have one of those dire need or emergency or the store's closing in 10 minutes situations. And you've already rushed and rushed to get there. Beating traffic jams and fighting off dragons, lions and people's uncouth children to make there in time.

Then when you finally get there not only is there a "imaginary" line of people, ghosts or goblins. But the parking lot is FULL to CAPACITY.

Like how the hell is that possible??? The store is empty as a ghost village but the parking lot is full.

So because of this, and not to mention the 10 side car conversations. You end up having to either do that going through a corn field maze thing until you find a decent spot. Or parking in Egypt or London and running the rest of the way.

But what just irks the fuck outta me is how when I finally get what I went in there to get and all is said the damn car is the only one in the parking lot—

What type of witchcraft is that?? Better yet what type of shit is that???

Makes no sense to me. Drives me up a wall!!


I just don't get it...

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