Sunday, April 22, 2012

The Meaning Behind Your Name


Whilst I was on Tumblr doing what I do best there and tumbling around lol.

Someone posted this crazy post about their name and it gave 2 definitions and I'm like THE FRENCHTOAST IS THIS SHIP?? O_o

So then as I'm scrolling I find the link and LOADS of meanings. Not only were they completely ridiculous but just as hilarious XD.

Here's what I got:

LeSans's name means: 1) Looks smart, but is just an idiot. 2) A failure of a human.

Bunny's name means: 1) To have no special characteristics 2) To cosplay badly.


I thought you might me lol.

Go check it out!!

What's The Meaning Behind YOUR Name??

If anything it'll give you a good laugh this morning XD.

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