Saturday, April 21, 2012

Low Sex Drive??

A few weeks ago I was up watching the Today Show and they decided to talk about why women were having sexual desire problems. The woman reporting, can't really recall her name, paraphrased most of it and I disliked the way she did so.

I understand everyone, every now and then will have a low sex drive or an issue. But to throw it out there and say well it's because of:

Etc. Etc.

Whoa whoa!! I seriously doubt anybody has a low sex drive. Even the holiest of people. But I was ticked because she made a serious notation that it was mainly because of weight. And poor eating habits. And if you were skinny or thin or right weight and eating right you'd be as horny as horny goat weed.

What?? I'm sorry?? There is no "right weight" there's a possible "Ideal" weight. But even in that case, it doesn't mean it's right or fits for everyone. The only people I know not interested in sex reall are the elderly. Hell they get in a raunchy position and break SOMETHING!! Lol

So I decided to google because it disturbed me.

Not only did she give out twisted information, but she did in a such a way that was not only wrong but targeting peoples' weight.

So basically by her understanding of you're not a nutritious anorexic you will never enjoy sex or the benefits of it.


Here's the link to the actual article written by the Mayo Clinic.

Low Sex Drive In Women

I read the article, not only did it have better verbiage, but it gave a more detail report. How to know if you have a low sex drive, how to fix it and what are the necessary steps to be taken to correct it or get it "revved up" again so to speak lol.

Look in my personal opinion. If you're having a moment Ladies where you're just not in the mood and no guy is doing it for you in the V-Spot department, might I suggest you buy yourself a toy. YES A SEX TOY. Big or small, vibrating or not! It'll surely get the job done.

Might I even suggest a glass dildo?? ;)

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