Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Just 1 Of Them Days

So here is an excerpt of the frustration I went through to get the website together for everybody lol. Ehh this can be used for giggle material now—I GOT EVERYTHING UNDER CONTROL!! Not quite like Janet Jackson but close enough o(^▽^)o hahahaa


You ever have one of those days?? Like nothing goes right, everything seems to be breaking down or the worlds against you???

Now you ever have one of them days you knew things were going to be fucked up from the beginning?????

Yea I got that second one today. So like you all know April we alway have some issue. Whether its computer related or iPhone related or some freak of nature related. Last year not only did my comp fuck up on me but got my Facebook taken away!!


I've been trying real hard to get this the blog & everything together. Been writing posts for you guys irregardless and trying to keep it up. LIKE WHEN THE HELL DID TECHNOLOGY BECOME SO FUCKING HARD DIFFICULT??

It's easier finding a G-SPOT!! And lemme tell you that's a difficult task!! DAMN.

I'm agitated. They tell me 3 days it's been 3 days. If its going to take 4 or 5 or 20 days, SAY SO DAMMIT!! Don't be fuckin with my emotions. All these 404 ERRORS and Oops I'm sorrys. You're not the UPS man. I don't want to see a post it. Neither do my babies (meaning you all). I want to see my blog, I want some bonifide results ok??

But when I think back I had a similar problem last year. But it wasn't as bad. And it resolved/fixed itself in good time frame. But damn really?? I didn't know it was this serious!!!

I swear to yawl I'm going to have white hair like Halle Berry did in Xmen before I reach my 30th Birthday!! I hate stress and it makes me angry and when I get angry—I need a nap and some alone time.

Ehhh I'll wait it out and see what happens & if theres no new change by the weekend or Monday. All hell is gonna break loose and there will be no more google. It will be called HOP lemme find and fix the problem HELLO!!

I'll give you the answer and exclude all that hocus pocus MIT, Technical lingo baby!! You know mama will handle it right!!!

Well it's breakfast time and still got a lot to deal with today. Smh damn shame. TRAGIC—even!

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