Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Jive Talkin'

So in the midst of looking for more topics er, or well "labels" for you all to expand our horizon. I googled different topics for blogging. I love to blog, and enjoy it quite much. However OMG have you seen those boring topics???

How to this and How to that! POLITICS!! And hot topic this and new fashionista/fashionisto that over there. And my opinion is right because I'm always right dammit.

Like OMG!! They made a medicine for you crazies to solve your whining and bitching it's called SHUT THE FUCK UP!!

I'm being honest. And I'm say what you're afraid to say. Look if Obama pops up on the tv I'm flicking the channel. It could be a state of emergency, there could be a bomber in my house.....No I don't want to hear a cute anecdotal story or my fellow Americans. Mit Romney, The Grinch due and whoever else. They show me no interest and have yet corrected my problem.

Want me to vote?? Pay my motherfuckin student loans off and then we can talk.

Trust me use that "what's in it for me?" attitude. It make decision making much easier and things a lot clearer.

And the whole hot topics. Oh lawd. Why do we have Inside Edition, Access Hollywood, Perez Hilton & Wendy Williams for of you're going to repeat, paraphrase and throw in you're nickels worth??

It's like the telephone game. Not only does the story get chopped and screws along the way it turns out to be something completely different!!

You say I love to spend my Saturday's eating pizza while I watch Beelzebub, Retro Batman and a movie with my family.....

When you get that repeated back to you it's

Shoebox-Moon-Pie-BandAid hehehehehehee.

What the fuck?? Just don't no—keep it to yourself if you must discuss it get a reliable source and don't paraphrase or plague rise it's not nice. Ok?? Ok—

Documentaries and Educational crap. Look it's boring. I'm yawning and getting a migraine at the thought of all the boring things.

Thus is why Rabbit does not talk about such said things!! Makes me yawn, sleepy and very disinterested.

So I talk about things I like, things that are interesting or unusual. And different situations I've gone through, learned from and seen. And give out help in those areas that those so called gurus can't give any advice on.

This is a FUN ONLY ZONE!!! And if you learned something new or can take something with you or even share it with a friend or family member that'll make me happy =].

So call it what you may!! It maybe jibberish or cockamamie BULLSHIT. I don't care. If it sucked you wouldn't be reading it right?? LOL.

I call it Jive Talkin and ain't no jive turkey gonna tell me otherwise ;D ahahahahaaa

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