Wednesday, April 18, 2012

I Hate Driving—


I hate driving. I honestly do. I was forced into it number 1. 2 had a car wreck & 3 after all the hell and bullshit I'm missing the supposed excitement from driving.

That's all everyone said! Once you learn you'll be happy and it's like paradise having your own freedom and sparkles & fairies & shit.

Imma be real, it's fucked up. Get a chauffeur and call it a day. It's more of a headache than anything. And the best time a day to go out 11 o'clock at night. Reason being all the McFucktards and Douchewaffles are at home THANK GOD, and it's peaceful, you can drive, there's no rushing, tailgating, or fucking stop signs or pedestrians.

People who have no job, never seen a job and ain't got shit to do. WHY ARE YOU PUSSYFOOTING AROUND??? You're the number one issue in why there's traffic dammit. Stay your ass at home. You want some air go to the airport and play on the Tarmac ok!

Old people, why. If you know you're spose to be in at 4pm. WHY are you on any street that's a non-residential place with a speed limit over 25????? Stay at home like you spose to!! Or go to the park, feed the pigeons and sit there and try to figure out who the fuck you are. There was like 10 cars in front of me all going 10mph and the douchewaffle behind me is blaring their horn at me like it's my fault.

THE FUCK YOU WANT ME TO DO?? Wave my homo wand around and as for the Jetsons' pimped out space craft?? If not I can call up David Bowie's Space Oddity Public Transport—oh yea that'll get the job done right???


Those of you that decide you want to merge into traffic. Don't cut people off. Coz then when your shit gets busted or fucked up, it's everybody's fault but yours.

Like today this bitch gonna block off oncoming traffic. Guy over there decides to cross the double line and come into the lane I was in. Car in front of me swerves around them. Oh no bitch with her muthafuckin escalade decides to cut me off and dart into traffic. So if I had hit her she would hit crazybutt from oncoming traffic and I woulda got pounded from the back from the OTHER 6 BILLION CARS THAT WAS BEHIND ME!!!!

But it would be my fault and and my fault only. I did not flag her on to come into traffic. No motion or gesture of any kind. However if I hit her dumbass Cadillac I would be wrong and she would want a PIMP MY RIDE make over!!

Like the fuck!! Get yawl life together. And like no its not about the holiday it's crowded like its a HOLIDAY EVERYDAY!! I mean traffic sucks here and it's so fucked up!!

Maybe this is why I wanted to move to New York..... Catch the damn subway or taxi. Smh

God you don't know how pissed I was. I actually ended up getting a migraine and needed to take a break and breathe and count to Satan before I came into the house. It makes no kinda sense!!

And like fuck all that bullshit about that's the way it is. You top flight police douches get off your lazy asses and put down the damn donuts and we could get some civilized results.

America needs to stop letting stupid people breed.

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