Sunday, April 1, 2012


You know they may say that April Fool's Day is meant for wise-cracks, trolling, pranks and fun and games and stuff. But I swear it never fails!! People always act a fool OMG like calm your hyper ass down the store ain't going nowhere and plus ain't your ass spose to be at church???

God said to rest on the 7th day so dammit your unnecessary bitchassness needs to take a REST!!

I apologize for cussing Lord but DAMN its like every took their retarded pills and want to fuck with people. This is why I stay the hell in the house during the day!!

No crazies, no almost car accidents and no old people going to church at 11am causing more than traffic jams. It's ridiculous like get it together, it's not that serious ok??

The world will not stop spinning and there is no football on this sunday.

Pray for me yawl, Pray for me!!

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