Thursday, April 19, 2012

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If you haven't done so already, please subscribe to my blog via email. It's simple and easy and only requires a click lol.

I won't bribe everybody with free gifts and toys and that kinds of stuff. Because then I'll end up with people who are only interested in the prizes than the blog itself. I just want to be able to keep in touch with everyone and be able to have a good network of great people. You'll never know who you might meet or get to know in life. So networking is important and it's even better if you broaden your horizons!!

So if you have a minute click the link below. I'd really appreciate it.

Subscribe to Bunny Boo by Email

If you don't want to subscribe or would rather keep a clean inbox like the rest of us. That's fine too, no biggie. I ain't mad at ya ;D. I just want to make sure I got all my little chickens in my basket like I'm suppose to lol.

But irregardless please keep on coming back to visit me and tell your friends and family too and your social networking friends lol. Whoever, just tell them come and visit ^_^.

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