Sunday, April 1, 2012

Dumb Ho


Ladies I hope none of yawl or any of your friends are saying dumb shit like this?? It's makes the intelligence level of us look bad and it's wrong on so many levels too.

Like really she practices the "Virgin" yet she's knocked the hell up. She need to practice what she preaches before she decides to EVER give another or any sermon to anybody!! I know a few chicks who talk dumb shit like this. I bet you that she's the type of dumb cookie that her baby's dad brought her one of those bubble gum machine rings with the big old fake ass plastic rock or one you get from the arts and craft and party stores for $1 and say how they goin get married and she'll be flyer than Kim Kardashian and crap. PLEASE HO PLEASE keep you and your issues to yourself and continue riding that short bus like yo swag boss dead beat baby daddy say until yawl live in the Donald Trump Projects lol



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