Friday, April 20, 2012

Chapter 25 | Whatchu Kno Bout B??

So I decided to do this thing. Lol lets hope it works out the way it should hahahaha.

Anyway around the end of March and beginning of this month. I decided that since my 25th Birthday was coming up I would tell 25 things that will be fact, truths, and other random tidbits about me for 25 days until my 25th Birthday. Which means when May 20th comes it would consider as Day 25 and I'll be turning 25 and you will know 25 things about me you probably didn't know, wasn't aware of or that I find worthy enough to tell you =D.

Something like The 12 Days of Christmas segment from a couple years ago ^_^!! I had a lot of fun with that and wanted to do another one. Also maybe we'll do it again for this Christmas lol.

So be on the look out for the 25 Days of Bunny. It will be labeled under 25

I mean c'mon what else would it be?? Haha!

So I hope you'll enjoy it as much as I do!! I'll be starting this awesome project on April 25, 2012 so be prepared—be very prepared =D. You guys be on the look out for those and remember I'll be doing this. It's no fun if you guys aren't here to participate :D.


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