Saturday, April 21, 2012

Café Love


I thought this was an interesting thing to Google one night. Well a few nights and weeks ago lol. I was playing Draw My Thing and one of the words was Coffee. So in attempt to draw an awesome Starbucks logo, I then decided to draw just a regular cup of coffee. Which then let my mind get loose and go Google. And I always found this interesting just wasn't sure at the time what it was called or how it was done to be quite honest. Then once I found out it was referred to as a "Coffee Art" or "Latte Art" I was intrigued as to how it was done lol. And in the midst of it all, I found some really interesting and awesome pictures (or at least I think so!!). I think they all have their own personality and story as well as holding the Entertaining Conversation of the Year Award from Bunny lol. I MEAN WOW!! It's like a true art, I like things like this that are unusual and different lol. But then I got kinda sad, but I haven't seen or been to a coffee house or place that does this :(. Only creativeness you get is a orange slice in your hot apple cider during the Autumn months--WHICH IS GOOD BY THE WAY ^_^.

Do you guys like the coffee art?? Have you been to a place that serve a beautiful artistic delight?? Tell me about it I wanna know!! =D

For another awesome article and more pictures about coffee art please check out Jazzin Up Coffee


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