Saturday, April 21, 2012


So I just happen to turn into the doctors one day about a week or so. And they were discussing personal problems we as human beings have that we really don't understand.

One of the topics happen to be about people who shave, wax or trim their "private" areas. They said its a known fact to expect that someone does shave the hair clean off. However there are some others who just keep it trimmed.

The funny thing about it, they said its hard to find a woman who hasn't shaved her V-Spot nowadays. There is some who believe in the 1970s au natural look. But it's still rare. So they said that it's unhealthy to do so because the hair is there to serve and protect. In lack of better terms lol.

For women it's particularly important because it supposedly carries this "scent" that apparently attracts the opposite sex to you. Well, they said the hair on the V-Spot have a way of sending out this scent to the male so he can be attracted to you in an intimate way. It also tells him if you both are genetically compatible. As far as sex and baby making goes.

So they said you should think twice before you decide to SHAVE IT ALL OFF.

I'm not going to lie, yes I do keep the little bunny shaved. However if I don't it has a nice trim. BUT I dunno about the other ladies out there but I don't like that Cactus feeling—OMG IT DRIVES ME CRAZILY UP A WALL!!! 。・°°・(>_<)・°°・。 oooo can't stand it!! Petty I know, but I no likey.


One woman sent them a question about what one would if the pubic hair got too long. Lol.

Um, yea...

So they said it not possible for the carpet to match the drapes. Lol. So don't worry the hair down there will never be as long as the hair on your head. The reason being is because the pubic hair grows and sheds faster than the hair on your head. Which doesn't give it time or much of a chance to grown long enough to be flat ironed or braided.

Even though I do beg to differ, but that's strictly my personal opinion—Ahem.

What do you men think?? Should a woman keep the V-Spot shaved, trimmed or au natural??

Personally I don't think it really matters. That's strictly up to the person and how they feel about themselves.

If they cut it, shave it, wax it or whatever. That's that person's prerogative. I'm not gonna get upset and neither should you. Coz dammit if you not gonna help with the up keep, don't throw in your opinion.

Reminds me of when guys tell me to grow my hair out down to my ass. Hell naw, you ain't gonna help comb it, wash it or fix it up nice. NO!! Anyway that's another story lol.

So tell me:

People who shave their "private" areas

Wrong or Righteous??

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