Sunday, April 22, 2012

Blessed Be The One...

Some people take blessings and miracles way too far. They always pray and not for the right reason or for the good of it. They thank their lord only based on when they get what they want.

I noticed on Facebook that people just take it too far. Like you know you haven't been right, won't take care of your kids and give all you got to a man who don't really care or love you. I'm not gonna sit here and preach like I'm a religious saint because I'm not.

But I'm not going to pray to the lord I want a Lamborghini, a big mansion or castle and millions put in my bank account. Then just go sit on my big ginormous Kardashian ass waiting for the gifts and stuff to shower me.

Thats ridiculous. One girl, yawl remember shelter girl.....lord. HER she was all excited to have this so called job. And she's talking about how blessed and how the lord answered her prayer and gave her a miracle. Look if she's going to work this job only to give her money to the lousy ass boyfriend who recently left her and turned her cellphone off. And still not clean her kids up or feed them. What's the point?? How is that a blessing?? That's selfishness.

To me that's taking a good blessing away from someone else that really deserve it you know??

You can't expect help if you won't help yourself first. However you have to do it in a way you know you can do it on your own. Don't say hey I'mma build a house in 2 days, without the help or materials needed, that's not possible.

Rome wasn't built in a day and there was more than one person building it OK. And by the gracious of God the bloody thing is still standing.


It's ridiculous, how this fake religious freaks want to speak the gospel and truth. And have the audacity to give out advice and preach to people. Then be the biggest sinners on the earth.

Like shelter girl. I tried my best to help her, get herself an apartment and a job so she can support herself and her baby. But what she do?? I wanna wait to see what my boyfriend who loves me is gonna do for me—

Apparently nothing, since your dumb ass is in the shelter and he's living with some other woman (T_T).

But since she was only interested in what I was giving her and refused my help completely. I said fuck it I'm not going to waste my time no more. But I told her life isn't always greener and it ain't going to be so peachy. And guess what?? She got another baby, her boyfriend only comes "home" when he feel like it which is rarely, and she's bored, lonely and apparently unhappy. But also she's in an abusive relationship. It hasn't gotten physical yet to my knowledge. And if I were her instead of praying for stupid trinkets, she best pray he don't beat her up.

HELL!! If he do it might knock some sense into her LOL.

But honestly, people are a trip with these blessings and miraculous trinkets they get.

Screw that. I'm happy to wake up every morning and thank the lord or whoever's up there I be talking to, I thank them for the little things ^_^. Like for holding off the storm until I get back home, for watching per my mama while I'm gone even if it's for a few minutes and for technology working with me XD.

But it's true what they say, if you can't pray everyday and say thank you. You shouldn't be praying just so it can be convenient for you.

Right??? (⌒-⌒ )

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