Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Another Walgreens Episode

Usually when I go to the Walgreens first thing in the morning it's because I hate going to the colored people corner store. Well I hate going there period. I don't like that it's always crowded and creepers are hanging around it. Not safe, not safe at all.

Welp this particular morning. I went there to pick up the usual juice items. Plus I got some tums since my tummy was giving me a hard time and I checked out hair products to see what to do with my Mamma's hair and mine too. So after I browse and peep around for a bit. I'm ready to check out.

I waddle on up to the check out. I'm small, I'm short so shut up lol. So there is this crazy girl working there. She got thick pop bottle glasses and her head look like a Mohawk and Peacock hooked up and made a mutant baby offspring o_O *shutters* ech!

I don't really like her. And here's why. One night I was in there and had the little basket filled with stuff and she's like you have to take it out of the basket. Now we are both in arms length of each other maybe even less. And the basket is big enough to take up what little counter space they've got!! THE am I getting paid??? NO. She goin share some of her paycheck with me if I do this strenuous task?? FUCK NO!! Pissed me off. Then I noticed she does this to everybody but she feel like she's in charge. She got that I'mma Mini-Dictator waiting to happen syndrome with the Neapolitan attitude. Yea, yea.

So today she was overly sweet. It's like THE FUCK IS THIS WITCHCRAFT???? ~_O

So she asks me if I wanted to buy some M&Ms candy this morning.

It's 9 o'clock. I'm in my jammies why do I want candy?? I want McDonalds *switches booty like Eddie Murphy did*

Unf Unf (>_< )


Oh– O_O sorry bout that ^_^

I guess my expression was so expressionless she decided to continue her banter:

If you buy some candy and we sell like a gazillion my boss said he's gonna gives us a PIZZA PARTY =D.

So I'm thinking:

2.) AM I FIN TO GET SOME PIZZA?? Am I invited to the muthafuckin party???? PROBABLY THE HELL NOT


So I say NO THANX maybe later if I come back down here.

Then her overly confident determined persistent ass just threw me…

She says:

Well Easter is coming up this weekend and you can buy it for your kids Easter baskets and finish fillin them up....


It wasn't the fact she was tryna say I looked or dressed Mommy like.

BITCH ARE YOU IMPLYING that because I live in the hood, I can't afford to have my kids Easter basket done on time?? OH HELL NAW T_T

So by this time 2 people hopped in line behind me. Lol

She then says:

Oh well, I KNOW YOUR FRIENDS GOT KIDS RIGHT?? =D buy them some candy!!



(=..= )#


So with that she bagged my shit and I swiftly left with an attitude. Felt sorry for the guy behind me though. I think he thought a domestic was about to break out or something lol.

But it pissed me off that you're determined to work and bust your ass for pizza at my expense. And I'm not getting any pizza, and I don't really like M&Ms all like that. If they not taking they clothes off to kick it to UM SEXY & I KNOW THIS by LMFAO—I'm not interested!! But when I say no, I mean no. Then she had the nerve to insult me twice!! Make that thrice.

See my mama always said a dog will need it's tail more than once. But they forget that shit. Maybe if she had been a little nicer and less conniving I woulda said ok, been mad, but ok. We all remember them days fighting for our right to Pizza Par-tay. But I'm not going to work and bust my ass and get nothing. I don't do other peoples jobs nor do I clean up they mess. You grown you do it ya-damn-self. Plus if you ain't my child THEN THAT'S AN IMMEDIATE HELL TO THE NO.

Now she'd be the same ho who will be ignoring me or giving me a hard ass time after she got ER greedy gut full of pizza...


Damn saditty bougie ghetto Walgreens.

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