Sunday, April 29, 2012

25DOB | Day 5

I decided to use a picture for the title of this post.
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Crown Royal. 

Probably the only whiskey I've never tasted, and probably won't, that I love to death lol.
hen I was kid, my parents used to take me to visit my uncle in their old neighborhood. He would always talk to me and tell me crazy stories that were exciting and suspenseful. We'd sit on the bench outside of his apartment building or the project he lived in lol. They would buy me an ice cream from the ice cream man as they reminisced about their childhood. When it was time to go, he would always have a present or a care package. Mostly filled with snacks and stuff. But the one thing that excited me the most was the Purple Crown Royal bag filled with loose change. I don't know if it was smell of flavored tobacco of the cigars or cigarettes he would smoke. Or that the bag was so fascinating to me.

remember asking him one day where he had gotten the bag from and what Crown Royal meant and he told me it came from London and the Queen herself gives him the bag. So of course being inquisitive as a child I asked him was that Queen like Grandma Queen.

He told me, "Nobody's better than Grandma Queen!! She's my mom after all. Ain't that right Boompty??" and he would nudge my mom, playfully. While I giggled at the nickname he always called my mom.

ut no matter what, even of my dad would see him or my mom would. He always made sure I got my crown royal bag filled with coins. The coins I would happily drop into my big old cute piggy bank and roll the rest and take them to the bank. He felt it was important that I'd learn how to count money and deal with it. Even though the bag was being reused, it was something special to me. It was a good, great memory. I would save the bags until my mom said to give them back so they could get a refill. And as far as I can remember he's always given me one of those bags. All the way up until he died.
hen my mom told me he had passed away I was about 13 or 14 years old and The first thing I thought of was that purple colored Crown Royal Bag. I even had one left. I remember going into my room and taking the bag out and just hugging it because it meant so much to me. It was one of the many things that made my childhood enjoyable. And definitely one that's unforgettable.

miss my uncle and his stories and rebellious attitude. He was a bad dude and a big one too! But he was a nice guy. 

So now even at my age, when I see the Crown Royal logo or even just the words in a magazine. Those wonderful memories of those purple colored bags trimmed in gold filled with coins with the aroma of tobacco fills my mind of good memories.

reat Memories, actually.


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