Monday, March 5, 2012

So Called "Adults"

I like how "adults" are so quick to have something to say. Like I mean those people that are only "adult" by age but not by #mind

They want to dictate how things shall go and want it their way and their way only. However they're misguided little fools if you ask me. And if you didn't ask I'm saying so. You step on the little people to get in front or jip them. You piss on the people who'd give everything for you. You fuck the people who love and care about you. And even more fucking and sucking whatever else to get to the top. Then when you finally reach it, what have you gained??? Hmm?? I'll tell you—Nothing.

Stop being so damn selfish. All you do is think about yourself consider this as a wake up call. It's sad to see people having to have to suffer. Because someone wants to be so damn selfish.

Well that's fine and dandy. I wanna see how selfish you'll be when your ass is home alone on your death bed wondering where the fork you went wrong in your life. I shall laugh at you. And I shall enjoy myself. And if you shall need a drink?

I shall drink the glass I hold in my hand, and I shan't even piss your face.

I think it's wrong and fucked up for people to be so damn selfish & uncaring especially to those that love and cared for them the most. It pisses me off really.

But it's find—Karma is a bitch you hurt people it'll come back on you. Trust me it will come back on you.

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