Saturday, March 24, 2012

Résumé à la Facebook

So did you guys watch the news??

I rarely do, but I end up watching the news because my mom watches it (she's old, & old people love the news......yea).

So anyway I'm watching it and it says that when you go to apply for a job, your "future" employer will ask for your Facebook password so they can look at your Facebook.

WHOA WHOA WHOA!! What the fork is that??

Are you hiring me or stalking me to be my friend crazie Creeper McCreeperson?!?!?!

Like I'm going to be honest here. Ok I understand that in a workforce there are some things that can compromise the work place or even make things uncomfortable or basically fuck it up. Yes I get that, I understand that. However what you do on your time, which is NON-9to5 (non-work) time, is your business. So am I gonna be judged for a job because I have a photo up with me wearing a tube top with a miniskirt and heels or sandals or whatever. Oh oh we're sorry but we can't hire you because you look slutty here. Um I'm sorry, I didn't know that my Midsummer Pasts were so importante for the Present and Future of Mankind—

Or what?? Are they going on there to talk to your friends, associates/acquaintances, and networking buddies to dig for information or bring up some irrelevant shit?? Like god forbid if you didn't get the chance to delete that one douche that you had a fight with over some dumb shit and Boss-man decides to contact them (of all people!!) and they bad-mouth you outta a good job! Like what type of shit is that??

Like fuck all that Facebook we're here to protect you cockamamie bullcrap. Why in HELL would an employer want to know what you do on your free time?? We ain't gonna be friends and we damn sure ain't gonna be lovers NEITHER.

I remember one story happened like last year or so. A teacher got fired because someone's mom was creeping on their Facebook like a Certified Creep. And—

Well lemme back up, you ever know someone who ruins shit because they're sucha douchebag or they complain about everything that's pettier than putty?? You know like the teletubbie being "gay" or now the "pink slime" in meat we've been eating for years or something so stupid that it causes an uproar over nothing. Like I would rather see why my loans haven't been canceled than why that dog over there just pissed on a blue fire hydrant than a red one. I know someone like that—My Godmom, plus she's a hypochondriac too. So if you ever have something goes utterly wrong for no reason blame it on Reenie (well go with that as her name for now lol).

Now where was I??

Oh yea, Creeper Mom is on her kids' Facebook and see the teacher has "photos" posted. So she clicked them and got upset! Why?? Because the teacher got her pic done while getting a lap dance from a male stripper/escort—she was at a Bachelorette Party. So Creeper Mom rallies up all the other Reenies out there and they make a big todo about it and got the poor woman fired. Now the lady didn't post the pic, her friend(s) did. This Bachelorette Party wasn't during school time nor school hours, NOT EVEN DURING A SHORT BREAK!! It was over the summer!!! But no they gave that woman hell. OMG!! She had no control over what someone else did. Then the parents and the school tried to say she was a poor influence for the kids and blah blah blah. Now hold the hell up. I have some of my high school teachers as friends on Facebook, I don't find it that odd. Besides we all have a Facebook for different reasons. After tumblr I really didn't need a Facebook, but I keep mine to keep in touch with people I can't physically touch or keep in contact with you know?? Like I have a friend out in California, friends in Japan and Europe, or college besties that doesn't live close by–so on and so forth. So that's why I keep it. But what I put on it or what I do in my spare time is MY MOTHERFUCKIN BUSINESS and that includes cussing or swearing or using dirty words what-have-you.

But as far as a job is concernt the only thing he/she should be concerning themselves about is if I have the skills for the job, education needed or if I need education/training, if I'm a dependable type of person, work experience, knowledge in a given or specific subject, etc, etc. Not if I went to $2 drinks Thirsty Thursdays at the local Hotspot Dive Bar. GET THE FUCK OUT OF HERE!! That's bullshit—the smelly kind too!!

Like why write a résumé or go through the motion of applying for a job or filling out applications if you wanna rape—oh I'm sorry "check" my Facebook?? To me not only is that lazy, but very conniving and a way of invading someone's privacy. All to do what?? To weed out the "worse" batch and hire only the snotty rich kids?? They already judge you by your credit report (the worse it is the more unlikely it is for you to obtain a job....but we'll talk more about this later) and if you're a college grad or not. Do they ask questions or ask why, how, who, what, when, where?? No, nor do they care. But to look at my Facebook to see if I cussed today or if I'm "online" or not.

Look if I'm doing my damn job or finishing my workload on time and handing it in like I should, then what the hell you got to complain about??

Makes no sense to me. It really doesn't!

Now that's WTF-ery at its best!

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