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Piercings & Tattoos

How many of you Guyz, Dollz & Groupiez have piercings and/or tattoos??

I have 10 piercings and 1 tattoo.

I have 4 in each ear, nose ring and my tongue ring. And my tattoo is a swan on my left wrist.

I know I only mentioned it from time to time. And never really TALKED about it.

So I decided to talk about it because people will become curious about it and need to know.

So my piercings.

Now I got the first hole in my ears when I was baby. My dad got tired of people saying OMG HE'S SO CUTE!! So he snapped and went had my ears done while I was 3 months old lol.

I remember seeing the girls back in the 90s and early 2000s with their ears done from the lobe all the way around the ear. And at first it was gross and I wasn't interested much, especially since I was tomboy and always lost my earrings. But we all change our minds from time to time.

So I ask my parents when I was tween if I can get my second hole. They told me to wait until I was 16. So I said ok. 16 came and I asked again and they said no and to wait till I'm 18. So 18 came and I asked again and they said no and told me to wait till I'm 21. 21 came and I still got a BIG PHAT NO. Now in the midst of all this one would think I woulda snuck off and done this while I was in college. Since that's what most kids do right?? Lol like I said I'm not the brightest knife bulb doohickey in the container shoebox XD

So I ended up getting my second hole when I was 22. I went on my own and by this time my dad had passed away. My mom wasn't happy but accepted it. Now I will admit that it can be addictive. And exactly 1 month later I got my 3rd hole. Mom was disgusted of course, but I was happy. I coordinated my earrings, wore gems, cute beach balls and cute little sushi earrings, etc, etc. So at some point I put in these earrings from Claire's, cute beach balls, hypoallergenic and all that.

Wouldn't my ears get infected?? Wouldn't they hurt like hell and they were gross and draining and bleeding and just plain nasty and a mess and painful as hell. I was upset!! Mom's outlook on this?? I TOLD YOU SO!! TOLD YOU THAT YOU COULDN'T JUST PUT ANYTHING IN YOUR EARS!!

So it took me a whole 2 months to get my ears happy and healthy again. And in November of 2009 went and got my cartilage done—at Claire's. Worse thing I could ever do and if I get the change to do it again I would definitely go to a professional place. Getting your cartilage done by a piercing gun not only can hurt but....

Ok the Cartilage is basically bone. It's gristle. And if you must get it pierced (or you want it pierced) go to a professional place. One that is clean and have their licenses and certificates on the wall and all that good stuff. Ask a ton of questions and make sure it's something you want.

So yea one of my cartilage piercings is crooked. And I had them both done at the same time. And not in 18, 16 or 14 gauges. It was the same as a regular ear hole, which is perfectly fine but it can hurt and is more prone to be agitated. And after about 3 months I gave them up and took them out.

Then before my 23rd birthday I went and got my nose and tongue pierced. To be honest not only was I scared to death, I went alone and I shouldn't've. Since anything could happen it's best to take a buddy with you.

So, mostly the question is WHY DID YOU DO THAT?? and then comes ARE YOU CRAZY?? So on and so forth. I shall tell you.

I got my ears done because I wanted a 2nd hole. And I thought it was interesting. And the 3rd hole was just I guess a just because thing you know?? Now the cartilage I guess was a test to see if I would be interested in an industrial piercing. I might get one just on one side though. I dunno if I can take two of them hahaha.

Nose ring, I always thought was exotic. Prior to seeing any girl or guy have one, I only seen Indians or South Easy Asians or people of certain faiths have them amongst others. I remember Janet Jackson & Madonna having them way back in the day too. So one of my friends said she always wanted one and I told her I'd considered getting one. And I guess you can say that little encouragement or influence made me want one even more. And so I got it.

But I'll be honest...next to the cartilage thing, next worse idea lol. Not only did I have problems with it getting snatched out by my hair, wash cloth, nails, glasses hell I could be using a tissue to get a boogie out and the stupid ho would come out. So one night I put in a nose bone and it was too short and I guess my nose was slightly swollen and it came out. My Mama woke me up told me, I pushed it back in. Woke me up again and I pushed it back in. Then it came out a 3rd time couldn't find it and my hole closed up. So I said fuck it and was happy and left it like that.

But little did I know!! Even though my nose ring was gone the hole was still there it just closed up or sealed up everywhere else but the outside. Left it like that for about a month. Went and got it repierced. Stupid idea I know, but in one sense I did miss it being there. Plus I hated looking at that hole to nowhere. I'll say this after I got it done again it turned out much better. It didn't hurt and wasn't snatched on as much and healed a lot better and wasn't as troublesome as it was the first time around. And I couldn't be happier. I love nose bones now lol and I love nose rings. The other thing I didn't know was people tend to get the left side done more so than the right. Why?? Well I dunno. But I notice all the nose screws are for the left. And the ones for the right side cost more and are hard to find so think about that if you're considering it lol.

The tongue ring. Dun Dun Dun nana DUUUNNN!! Hahaha

Why did I get my tongue pierced. Because I always wanted one. Bottom line. I was influenced when I was about 11 or 12 years old. The Spice Girls were the biggest thing out there and Scary Spice was my favorite so was Posh Spice ^_^. So Scary Spice also known as Melanie Brown had a tongue ring. And I thought OMG THAT HAD TO HURT when I first saw it. But yet it was so intriguing and I was hooked, reeled and MESMORIZED by it lol.

One day during the summer I'm watching VH1's video pop up show. They used to show the videos and throw up these little speech bubbles that contained trivia or something in them that would pop up during the video's duration. So one of the pop ups said:

I wonder what Scary Spice does when she's eating pizza and the hot melted cheese wraps around her tongue ring, how does she get it off??

Hell I wanna know too. So I said maybe one day I'll find out the answer to that.

When I got a little older as a tween. One of my friends had an older sister who I loved. She was just so grown up and sassy and classy and I dunno. I wanted to be like her when I grew up. She was always nice to me and I liked her well enough to consider her a role model. Even now, knowing me and her little sister who's my age have some serious bad blood between us. Anyway older sis who we shall call Lea, had a tongue ring. OMG ANOTHER PERSON I KNOW HAS ONE!! And this ones not famous!! I was so excited I asked her a bunch of questions and I guess got so determined then. I knew by time I was 15 I wanted a tongue ring. And guess what I did so.

Some things you'll want and other things you don't. We change our minds over the course of time and sometimes it's for the better and other times it's not.

Which brings us to my tattoo!! Whoo-YEA!

Now I can say I wasn't interested in tattoos as much when I was kid like I was interested in piercings. Why?? I dunno just wasn't.

I remember asking my dad about them since mostly all the NFL, NBA and other sports stars had them. And all he ever said was I shouldn't get one because I'd get ink and lead poisoning and die instantly. Yea and I was scared to death like a deer in headlights lol.

Until one day I suggested it because being my name is weird, Canadian French and unknown. There weren't any of those cute name license plates, pencils, or name plates or necklaces. They had every name but LéSans—depressing!!! I wanted to tattoo my name on my body, somewhere everybody could see. But since my dad was so particular and didn't allow it. We searched everywhere for my name on a plastic something or metal this or #2 pencil that; found nada. So one of my older cousins said that she had the same problem. But it made no sense since her name, well we'll call her Brianna. No it wasn't COMMON but I had seen it. Now Brianna's sister agreed. We'll call her Ashley.

Maybe they ain't looking in the right spots, maybe my dad is trying to punk me.

So I made mention I'd seen their names before. Their names weren't that uncommon and I saw them all the time.

"Well now you do" they said. Yup I foiled and spoiled the plan. However the so called place downtown was lgone and the Bon-Qui-Quis and Shaqondaleekas wouldn't tell me where they got their necklaces at. So my mom being the way she was made me a buncha jewelry. Even though it was spose to be the thought that counted most. I was unhappy still. And still consider to do so. But I'm glad I didn't. Ugh the creepers woulda ate me ALIVE!!

So I guess between my tween & teen years I just played with the thought and enjoyed those temporary tattoos that you wet and magically appear on your skin lol.

At some point during college while doing an artistic assignment and looking for fonts. I'm a font loving nerd!! Love Calligraphy, handwriting all of that—rocks sox!


Yea so I'm working on this assignment and find this car decals font. One of the decals was this awesome looking swan. I used it for my assignment and changed my mind and kept it to myself. So I knew then that would be an awesome tattoo. Switched it around to look like an "S" and was overjoyed. I said I would get it on my hand and show it off to the world. That was until I had to give blood from my hand and yea it was no longer a good idea. Thus it was switched to my wrist.

However I did debate on it back and forth and didn't feel as strongly about it like I did my piercings. I dunno I liked tattoos and well love them now and they're unbelievably sexy on a grown ass man—DAMN!

'Cuse me–Ahem.

I found out the more I thought about it, the more I had time to consider it. Like when you get a tattoo is not like getting a piercing that you can let close up and forget about. It's permanent and not very forgettable. The worse part some people do and will regret a tattoo. I don't regret mine and I'm happy I waited. So I wasn't a teen but it's not a huge My Little Pony on my arm called Sexy Cotton Love or something stupid like that, that I know I would regret. I would do it again. And I'm happy with my swan.

So why did I chose the swan. Very simple. And no not because I love swans lol. My name is LéSans LéRue and my mama named me after my dad's exgirlfriend from High School. Yea yea I know. So my name is Canadian French for Street Without A Name or basically Nameless Street. Not a very attractive English name is it?? Lol. So one day I'd happen to be googling my name wondering if I'm the only one in the world like Tigger and I found this organization called Street Without A Name and it was abbriviated to S.W.A.N. and I fell in love with it. I got to tattoo the name I had a Love/Hate relationship with on me to show that either way I loved it and there wasn't another Swan like me =].

Now I know that not everybody is the same. And we all do things for different reasons and for personal beliefs. But I'm quite happy with my piercings and tattoo. Yes I do plan on getting more in the future. Yes I know it causes friction I obtaining a job and different work places. And yes I also know that one day I'm going to have to have the same conversation with my kid or kids one day and have to be a stern parent irregardless. I know but I'm also satisfied. Not that I rebelled but because it was something for me, I did something FUN in my 20s I can later tell my kids about. Or tell you guys about right?? Hahaha!

So the next time you think about getting Pierced or Tatted, think long and hard about it and whether you want it or not. Getting them is like gettin an extra chapter in your past. Once you start it or get it, you can't go back to fix it or cover it up. So be positive and maker sure that what you do in the present is something you can live with for the future. And make your own decisions, don't do something you don't feel comfortable with or just to fit in with the awesome clique or because of a Shady Lover. Do it because it's for you and you have a good reasoning for doing so ok??

Trust me then it can be the most enjoyable experience ever!! Hehehehee

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